Bone- Eat these things to keep bones healthy

Health desk- People who consume enough potassium have better bone health. Sweet potatoes, potatoes with skins, yogurt and bananas are sources of potassium.

Bone- Eat these things to keep bones healthy
Bone- Eat these things to keep bones healthy

What kind of food can provide essential elements for strong bones, definitely know:

Calcium rich things: Calcium is the most abundant element found in the body. 99% of the body’s calcium is stored in the bones while only 1% is used in various functions of the body. An average person needs 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day. Green leafy vegetables are a good source of calcium. Apart from these, fishes, whole grains, bananas, bread, pasta, soy milk, tofu and almonds are also good sources of calcium. Low fat dairy products contain more calcium than full fat dairy products.

Things containing Vitamin D: Due to lack of Vitamin D, the bones become weak and soft. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. Apart from sunlight, milk, egg, chicken, fish etc. are also good sources of Vitamin D.

Potassium rich things: People who consume sufficient amount of potassium, their bone health is better. Sweet potatoes, potatoes with skins, yogurt and bananas are good sources of potassium.

Magnesium-rich things: Eat spinach, beetroot, tomato, potato, sweet potato, raisins etc., because magnesium is found in abundance in these, which makes bones strong.

Protein-rich things: Protein is the most important of the building blocks of the body. It keeps bones strong. Protein is very important not only for bones but also for tissues and ligaments. After menopause, the risk of osteoporosis increases by 30% in women whose diet is low in protein.

Foods containing Vitamin C and K: Vitamin C and K are also very important to keep bones healthy. Red chillies, green chillies, oranges, grapes, broccoli, strawberries, sprouts, papaya and pineapple are good sources of vitamin C. Vitamin K is also found in abundance in turnip, spinach, mustard and fenugreek.

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