Know- advantages and disadvantages of eating orange

Health desk- Orange available in the summer season is a very juicy fruit. It is sweet and sour in taste. We all love to eat orange or drink its juice. Vitamin-C is found in abundance in it, which is beneficial for our health. Many nutritious elements are present in its peel to fruit, so it is popular all over the world because of its beneficial properties. Orange is easily available in any small market too. It is eaten peeled or its juice is also made and drunk. All the nutrients are present in this fruit which is very important to stay healthy. It is most beneficial for eyes, skin and hair.

Know- advantages and disadvantages of eating orange
Know- advantages and disadvantages of eating orange

Benefits of orange-

1. In heart disease-

People who have heart related problems. They should eat orange because it contains protein, fiber and vitamin C, which helps a lot in keeping the heart healthy and controlling heart palpitations.

2. In preventing hair fall-

Orange has some properties that help in making the hair shiny and strong. Vitamin-C found in it is good for hair growth. It is also beneficial to prevent hair fall, so those who want their hair to grow must consume it.

3. In removing pimples-

Citric acid found in oranges is helpful in removing pimples. This acid has so many properties that it does not allow pimples to appear on our face.

4. In skin disease-

Apart from this, its peels are also good for the skin. For this, you have to dry the orange peel and make its powder, now add raw milk to this powder and make a face pack, now apply it on your face. It will clear the spots and oily skin of your face.

5. In arthritis treatment-

The patients of arthritis should regularly consume orange or its juice because it reduces joint pain.

6. In increasing energy-

You must have seen that if you work too much, then you start feeling tired, then in such a situation you should drink orange juice regularly, it increases the energy in you and also makes you feel refreshed.

7. In controlling blood pressure-

Those who have high blood pressure should consume oranges. The potassium and magnesium found in it helps in controlling blood pressure.

8. To remove eye fatigue-

Vitamin-A is also mainly found in it, which is necessary in the care of the eyes. Some people whose eyes get tired in a short time, that means they start hurting, tears start coming, those people must pay attention to this and eat oranges.

9. In reducing cholesterol-

Orange is also used to control cholesterol.

10. In increasing the amount of hemoglobin-

It is also helpful in increasing the amount of hemoglobin because oranges are a source of vitamin-B complex. Apart from vitamins, calcium and potassium are found in oranges which help in strengthening the bones.

11. In removing depression-

Orange is such a fruit which increases agility and beauty in the body and it also increases the energy of the body. Nowadays, there is a lot of tension in everyone’s life, due to tension people get into depression, then this fruit should be consumed to remove depression.

12. In removing stains-

Antioxidant properties are found in oranges, which keeps away stains, wrinkles on the face, along with this it also helps a lot in keeping your skin young.

13. As a skin toner-

Those people whose skin is oily, they must use orange, whether you want to use it as a toner or apply orange juice on your face after freezing it like ice. It will always keep your skin clean.

14. In the treatment of fever-

When you have high fever, you should drink orange juice in it. It lowers the body temperature and orange helps in the bad taste in the mouth which worsens in fever.

15. In the treatment of teeth and gums-

By consuming orange, diseases of teeth and gums also go away.

16. Helpful in jaundice disease-

People who have jaundice, they should eat orange daily, it gives relief to the patients.

17. Beneficial in herpes problem-

Orange is beneficial to deal with the problem of ringworm, for this you should peel the orange and tie it in a clean cloth and keep it at the place of ringworm. This remedy emerges as soon as possible from the problem of ringworm.

18. In removing insects-

If there are mosquitoes and flies in your house, then you should use orange peels to get rid of them, for this orange peels should be burnt and its smoke should be spread throughout the house, because of this there will be no mosquitoes and flies in your house.

19. Helpful in stopping vomiting-

Some people have vomiting in the car while traveling, so orange is very beneficial for them. You don’t feel like eating orange or orange juice while traveling.

20. For pregnant women-

Women who are pregnant mostly feel like eating sour food, so consuming orange is very good for them because orange is rich in vitamin C and it is also beneficial for the health of the unborn child.

21. In reducing stomach pain-

In stomach pain, you should drink orange juice mixed with a pinch of asafoetida and black salt. It will give instant help in stomach pain.

22. In the treatment of prickly heat-

In summer, you must have seen that if there is a problem of prickly heat, then orange is beneficial in this too. What to do for this is to dry and grind orange peels, now add honey to it and apply this paste on your body. This solves the problem of your prickly heat.

23. To stop cough-

Orange helps in getting rid of cough along with cold. It dilutes the phlegm, which gives relief in cough.

24. In increasing health-

If you consume orange regularly, it also keeps the blood clean. People who are weak should drink orange juice regularly, it helps in gaining energy in the body.

25. In the treatment of piles-

It also helps in piles disease, for this you should take orange peel powder with warm water. It also helps in piles disease, for this you should take orange peel powder with warm water.

Disadvantages of orange-

Too much of anything is not good. Excessive consumption of oranges can also prove to be harmful for health.

1. Increasing sugar level-

People who have sugar problems should not eat orange because sugar level is high in orange and those who drink its juice increases their sugar level, so sugar patients should consume it in less quantity. Those who are diabetic, they should reduce the consumption of orange because it increases the level of sugar in the blood, so diabetic patients should avoid it as far as possible.

2. Weakening of bones-

Vitamin C is necessary in the body but to a certain extent. If you consume calcium in excess, it can make your bones weak. In such a situation, you are also at risk of diseases like osteoporosis, so consume it but not in excess.

3. Diarrhea problem-

The fiber found in oranges directly affects the digestive system, so consuming it in excess can cause stomach ache and diarrhea.

That’s why eat oranges but in limited quantity. Using anything in excess can be harmful to your health.

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