Pregnancy- Diet plan for diabetes in pregnancy

Health desk- Those nine months are very challenging for a pregnant woman and her future child. It becomes even more difficult for that woman when she has diabetes.

Pregnancy- Diet plan for diabetes in pregnancy
Pregnancy- Diet plan for diabetes in pregnancy

You all know that diabetes is a dangerous disease. It has been seen many times that some women become victims of diabetes before pregnancy and many times they get diabetes during pregnancy. In both cases, diabetes affects the pregnant woman as well as her unborn child. So what things should you consume when this happens, we will talk about the same today, but before that let us know what are the symptoms of diabetes?

Symptoms of diabetes-

Excessive and frequent thirst.

frequent urination.

Constant hunger.

Blurred vision

feeling tired

weight loss or gain.

Wound not healing or delayed wound healing.

Frequent urine or blood infections.

Keep your food and drink like this if you have diabetes in pregnancy-

Breakfast time-

Choose a good nutritious food to fill your stomach during breakfast. At that time you should use toned milk and tea without sugar. Also 1-2 multigrain bread slices / Veg porridge / Oats porridge / Oats + milk / Suji ka upma / Veg poha / Stuffed chapatti / Besan chilly / Moong dal chilla. All these options will be very beneficial for you and will also help you in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.


Choosing proteins along with carbohydrates, which also contain protein, helps balance your blood sugar levels. Women who have gestational diabetes should try to eat protein rich food.

It is always suggested that protein must be included in your diet for diabetes during pregnancy. For example, whole pulses, sprouted gram, 80 grams of lean meat, 100 grams of chicken, 100 grams of fish, 1 egg are found in abundance in all these things.

Unsaturated fat-

A good diet includes unsaturated fats. This is because it is a good fat. Some of them are also nuts and oils which are as follows. Olive oil, peanut oil, avocados, most nuts and seeds, psyllium.

Keep improving lifestyle-

Diabetes happens to any person only when his lifestyle is wrong. Pregnant women have to take care of this more. Because the health of their child is related to their health.

For this, it is most important that you do all the work on time, wake up on time, sleep on time, eat food when you are hungry, do yoga or exercise regularly. All these things keep the pregnant woman healthy, as well as control her diabetes.

Don’t eat too much at once-

People who have diabetes, doctors advise them not to eat too much food at one time in a day. This has a bad effect on your liver. That’s why doctors mostly advise diabetic patients to eat something once in a while. Women should eat their food in three times a day and have small snacks in four times.

Pregnant women have to take a lot of care when they have diabetes, it is very important to avoid the doctor’s medicines. In such a time, not avoiding a little bit can harm them a lot. Alcohol and smoking should not be done at all during pregnancy. This has a very bad effect on your health. You can also consult our doctor for any kind of information related to diabetes or pregnancy.

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