Sex power- Include these 13 foods in your diet to increase sex power

Health Desk- If you want to make some changes in your sex life, first of all change your diet. The right diet can help you in boosting your mood and sex power. You can improve your sex drive by adopting sex diet. Sex is a kind of exercise that helps you stay fit, increase immunity, reduce stress and increase fertility.

Sex power- Include these 13 foods in your diet to increase sex power
Sex power- Include these 13 foods in your diet to increase sex power

13 best foods to increase sex power-

1. Walnuts-

This food improves the quality of sperm. It is known to improve the shape, movement and vitality of the sperm. To improve fertility, you can include walnuts in your diet without any fear.

2. Strawberry-

Strawberry seeds are rich in zinc which is essential for healthy sex of both men and women. If the amount of zinc in women’s body is high, then their body becomes internally ready for sex. In men, zinc regulates testosterone levels and is responsible for the production of sperm.

3. Avocado-

For healthy sex drive, it is very important to have folic acid and vitamin-B6 in the body. Folic acid pumps the body with energy, while B vitamins stabilize hormones. Both these elements are found in good quantity in avocado.

4. Watermelon-

For men who have the problem of premature ejaculation, consumption of this fruit is effective and increases their sex drive. They also contain citrulline which releases amino acids and arginine in the body.

5. Almonds-

Almonds have long been used as a sex drive enhancer, or rather a sexual stimulant. Eating almonds also helps in increasing fertility. Almonds are rich in many nutrients and minerals that are very important for sexual health and reproduction, such as zinc, selenium and vitamin-E. Almonds contain arginine which improves circulation and relaxes blood cells. The amino acid found in almonds also helps in maintaining your sex drive better.

6. Chocolate-

Dark chocolate releases serotonin and endorphins that improve your mood. Having a good mood also improves your sex power.

7. Citrus Fruits-

Any citrus fruit is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and folic acid. All these elements are necessary for reproduction in males. You can enjoy a salad before sex that includes citrus fruits like grapefruit or oranges.

8. Spices-

Some spices can also help you. Sex drive can be increased by using nutmeg and mace. Just a whiff of these spices can help set your mood. You can consume such spices to increase sex power.

9. Meat of vegetarian animals-

Beef is the meat of a vegetarian animal. It contains a lot of zinc and iron. It helps in providing oxygen to the red blood cells of the body, which gives energy to the body. Along with this, it is also rich in Vitamin-B and protein to increase the energy of the body. Protein increases the flow of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which controls the reward and pleasure centers of the brain. Therefore, to improve sex power, you can consume the meat of such animals.

10. Fenugreek-

Fenugreek is a herb, which is also used in cooking. If we talk about food to increase the sex power of women, then fenugreek can also be consumed for this. It has been proved in a study that fenugreek can be very beneficial for improving female sex power. However, many researches also say that fenugreek works to improve the sexual life of men.

11. Flaxseed-

Flax seed is called Alsi seed. On average, it is used to reduce weight. Also, it also lowers the cholesterol level. But, it is also a sex power food, which can also be helpful in increasing the estrogen level of women, which can also increase sex power in them. Flax seeds contain phytoestrogen, which acts as a sex power food.

12. Apple-

Apple can help increase libido in women. If you want to enjoy sex for a long time, then eat apples regularly every day. Antioxidants and flavonoids are found in apple, which increases blood flow to the private parts of women. Along with this, the pain during sex can also be relieved by consuming apple.

13. Spinach-

Spinach is the best choice of female sex power food. It can be eaten in many ways. If you want, you can drink its juice or eat it as a vegetable. Apart from this, you can also eat its dumplings. It is helpful in increasing your sex power in every way. There are many other benefits of eating spinach. Spinach can be helpful in increasing appetite. Also, it increases blood flow to the lower abdomen, which leads to a change in mood. Magnesium is found in abundance in spinach. Apart from this, its properties work like Viagra, so surely it can take your sex power to the peak.

If you have any kind of problem then you must consult your doctor.


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