What should be eaten in winter?

Health desk- The winter season means it is called cold season. It is very cold in these days, it depends on our geographical environment that at which place it can be so cold. Generally winter days are from November to February. In our country, these days it is coldest in the regions located in the northern direction, such as Himachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Leh-Ladakh, Punjab etc. and in other areas it is very cold. Know that in these areas it gets cold up to minus 20 degrees. So nowadays this question often comes in people’s mind that what should be eaten in cold, what should be eaten in winter? Which can be physically beneficial?

What should be eaten in winter
What should be eaten in winter

If seen, in our country India, there is a change in the language spoken by the people, food habits, caste etc. at every 100 kms. Therefore, keeping this in mind, there are different types of food in every state. We are going to inform you about the same that consuming such things in cold days can benefit you physically. What should be eaten in winter? Before getting information about this, let us know what are the changes in our physical health during the winter season.

Body changes in winter season ?

Actually there are three types of seasons; There are three main seasons of winter, summer and rainy season and in all three seasons different results are seen on our body, about which we are going to tell you. Due to excessive heat in summer, as soon as the amount of water in our body decreases, our body starts feeling less hungry and more thirsty for water. Similarly, such changes are seen in our body in cold weather, let’s get information about it.

1. Thirst is less and hunger is more in winter.

2. In the winter season, the skin of the body starts shrinking, that is, it becomes dry.

3. In winter the days are short and the nights are long. Due to this, humans sleep for a long time and due to sleeping for a long time, laziness comes in them and due to excessive hunger, their health becomes healthier by sleeping for a long time after eating more food.

4. Sweating is negligible in winter.

5. Due to the cold weather, the skin becomes dry and the skin gets irritated.

6. Even drinking plain water causes cold and cough.

These were the simple changes that you get to see in the winter season. So let’s know in further detail what should be eaten in winter?

What should be eaten in winter ?

Due to extreme cold in the outer environment in winter, it is right for you to consume warm things. It is common to eat hot food, that is, after heating it on the stove, but this does not happen. Hot things means those things which are consumed more are physically hot like eggs, papaya, fenugreek, spinach etc.

If you consume all these things in the summer season, then you may have to face some physical problem immediately. For example, by eating too hot things, you will start getting laxatives from the next day itself. Or have to face problems like vomiting, nausea. Because these days the temperature of the external environment is also high and due to high body temperature, there is no balance between these two. Due to which you have to face physical problems.

Similarly, if you consume hot things in winter, it keeps your physical health balanced. For example, if you eat ice cream in winter, then from the very next day you get cough and cold immediately. That’s why it is necessary to consume more and more hot things, but it also has some limitations, about which we are going to give further information.

Eat green vegetables in winter-

What should be eaten in winter
What should be eaten in winter

Since nutrients are in high quantity in green vegetables and in such a situation, if you consume vegetables, then you can overcome the deficiency of all kinds of nutrients. And in the summer season it becomes even more difficult to get green vegetables. Because due to the outside temperature, green vegetables also wither and the nutrients inside them also get destroyed. But if you allow green vegetables to remain outside during winters, then the external environment does not affect those vegetables. It can stay green and fresh for a whole week.

Drink milk in winter season-

What should be eaten in winter
What should be eaten in winter

There are many nutrients in milk. The person who is very thin and wants to attract his physical beauty and physical appearance, then it is necessary for that person to drink milk. Due to fat in milk, it has a lot of heat, so if you consume milk daily in cold days, it is easily digested in your body and provides nutrients to your body, from which your muscles are made. .

Desi ghee laddoos eaten in winter-

What should be eaten in winter
What should be eaten in winter

As we have given information about Laddus. In our country, all kinds of laddus are made in every season, which contain a lot of nutrients, but if you make the same laddus in winters with desi ghee, then it benefits you a lot. As we have given information about desi ghee in the information given above, in the same way eating laddoos made from desi ghee gives you physical benefits, which keeps your body healthy. It gets even better and you feel yourself refreshed and healthy.

Eat dry fruits in winter season-

What should be eaten in winter
What should be eaten in winter

Dry fruits are lifeline for our human body, but these dry fruits are very hot for your body. That’s why it is best to consume them in the winter season and they contain a lot of nutrients which provide warmth to the body in winter.

According to the information given above, you can take care of your diet during the winter season, which proves to be very beneficial for your body. Thank you.

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