10 Tips To Stay Cool In Summer

Health Desk- In the summer season, make sprouts of gram, moong, groundnut etc. a part of your diet. The rich iron and fiber found in these are very beneficial for your health. They can also give the necessary energy to the body. Eat a lot of cucumber and cucumber salad during summer. Know- 10 Tips To Stay Cool In Summer.

Summer season means sweating, laziness, lethargy throughout the day, no desire to eat and drink and special attachment to water. Yes, apart from this, minor problems related to health are very common these days. To avoid all these, it is necessary to maintain agility and make some changes in the routine. Know some such important tips, which will give you relief from the problems of summer-

10 tips to stay cool in summer-

1. Protection from the sun – The most important and first tip in summer is that you should take full care of safety while going out in the sun. Avoid going in the sun between 10 am to 4 pm. If you have to go out, cover your body completely and keep raw onions with you. Make sure to use cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.

2. Take more beverages- Instead of solid food in the summer season, take liquid beverages like cold water, lemon water, lemon shikanji, sherbet, curry leaves, fruit juice, buttermilk, lassi in large quantities, they cool the body. Will remain and the energy level will also remain.

3. Foods with cold effect – To avoid the side effects of heat, eat foods of cold effect. Include bel sherbet, curry leaves, amla, raw onion in the food. Identify the food items not on the basis of hot-cold but on the basis of their effect like ice cream, cold drink and ice ball increase body heat even when it is cold.

10 Tips To Stay Cool In Summer
10 Tips To Stay Cool In Summer

4. Light clothes – To stay cool in summer, you should use light colored clothes, light colors bring coolness to the eyes. In this season, wear thin and light clothes like cotton, chiffon, georgette, crepe, in which air can pass easily.

5. Fresh and easily digestible food – Eat light, fresh and easily digestible food. Eat less with hunger and drink more water. Succulent fruits like watermelon, mango, orange, grapes, melon etc. will also fill the stomach and will also fulfill the need of water in the body.

6. Reduce physical labor – Due to excessive physical labor in summer, excessive amounts of water and minerals are excreted in the form of sweat. Due to this there is a shortage of water and mineral salts in the body. In such a situation the metabolic rates get affected.

7 Complete sleep – In summer, sleep is not deep enough and it keeps fatigue, which gives rise to unnecessary irritability, so whenever you feel the need of rest, leave all work and rest.

8. Pay attention to exercise – A little work out done in the heat and humidity makes the body tired, but it does not mean that you should leave the exercise. Adopt light exercise, easy, meditation, yoga, pranayama or exercise can be accomplished even by walking in the morning and evening.

9. Take coolness from nature – Feel the coolness of nature by getting up early in the morning and walking in the evening. Water the plants, walk barefoot on the green grass, gaze at the colorful flowers, breathe deeply in the pure and open air. Apart from this, go for a walk in natural places in summer.

10. Whenever you go out somewhere in summer, go out after drinking cold drinks. After coming home, wash your face with cold water or massage ice on the skin. This will make you feel very refreshed.

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