5 amazing benefits of Kalonji

Helth desk- It is described in Ayurveda as the medicine of every merge. Actually, the biggest reason behind this is that if you consume fennel in the right way, then not only the biggest disease can be cured by its consumption, but it can also help in keeping your body healthy. Kalonji is also called black onion seeds by many people because they are black in colour. Kalonji may have a mild bitter taste and a pungent smell, but its effect is very hot and it is consumed during winters to increase body heat to make your memory sharp.

Nutrients present in Kalonji –
It would not be wrong to call Kalonji a treasure trove of nutrients in the true sense as it contains 35% carbohydrates, 21% protein and 35 to 38% fat. Apart from these three macronutrients, it also contains 0.2% omega 3, 24% omega 9, carotene, vitamin B-2, calcium, potassium, iron and zinc.

Benefits of Kalonji-
1- Beneficial for hair-

5 amazing benefits of Kalonji
5 amazing benefits of Kalonji

Black colored Kalonji is considered very beneficial for hair. If you massage with its oil, then you can help in preventing hair fall. All you have to do is leave the oil on the hair for 15 minutes after the massage and by doing this hair fall stops.

2- The phlegm is removed-
If you have phlegm problem, then the use of Kalonji oil can be beneficial for you. Yes, the nutrients present in fennel oil can remove the problem of phlegm present in your throat.

3- Beneficial in cough-
If you are troubled by problems like asthma and cough, then consuming Kalonji regularly for 2 months can help you reduce their symptoms.

4- Beneficial in reducing cholesterol-
Omega 3 and 6 are such nutrients present in Kalonji, which are helpful in reducing cholesterol. Both these nutrients can also reduce the symptoms of heart disease.

5-Mind is sharp-
Omega 3 present in Kalonji is very beneficial for your brain. Drinking two drops of its oil mixed with milk makes the brain sharp.

Who should not consume Kalonji-
1- Pregnant women should avoid its consumption.

2- A person troubled by bile should not consume Kalonji.

3- Kalonji can lower blood pressure, which can cause hypertension.

how to consume-
One to two grams of Kalonji should be consumed daily. You can consume it with vegetable salad as well as many other foods.

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