Asafoetida is the panacea for these 12 health problems, know how to use it

Health Desk- Asafoetida found in every kitchen of the house is not only a spice, but many medicinal properties are found in it. You must have often seen grandmothers in the house using asafoetida solution to remove the problem of stomach ache or gas. But do you know that asafoetida is an Ayurvedic medicine to cure not only stomach diseases but also many other diseases in a pinch.

Asafoetida is the panacea for these 12 health problems, know how to use it
Asafoetida is the panacea for these 12 health problems, know how to use it

Today we are telling you the benefits of asafoetida, by using which you can get rid of many diseases without any side effects in time.

1. Using asafoetida in regular diet keeps blood sugar level under control. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes should regularly use asafetida in their food.

2. In case of hiccups, belching or vomiting, it is beneficial to eat asafetida equal to the size of a pea in the pulp of a banana, it ends vomiting, belching, hiccups immediately.

3. Those who have weak memory power should be roasted in 10 grams ghee asafoetida, 20 grams black salt and 80 grams bhabhirang should be taken daily with half to one gram of hot water. This strengthens the memory power.

4. By using asafoetida in daily food like vegetables, pulses etc., problems related to stomach remain away.

5. When mucus or phlegm accumulates in the chest, make a lotion by adding asafoetida in water and massage it on the chest for two to three days. The phlegm will come out with cough and the problems related to phlegm will go away.

6. If you keep a lint of opium and asafoetida in toothache, then you get relief.

7. In case of ringworm or skin disease, mix asafoetida in water and make a paste and apply it on it, it provides relief.

8. Those who have the problem of hearing loss, grind asafoetida in goat’s milk and put two drops in the ear. Then apply cotton and go to sleep. Clean your ears in the morning. In a few days, you will start hearing well.

9. Applying asafoetida in neem oil cures if the foot is cracked.

10. Taking half gram asafoetida with hot water in winter and fresh buttermilk in summer removes the effect of air ball.

11. If you are troubled by knee pain, then mixing asafoetida in water and applying it on the painful area provides relief from pain in a short time.

12. Asafoetida not only removes diseases but also works to enhance the beauty of your face. Yes, if you are troubled by frequent acne, then mix asafoetida with water on the face and apply it on the acne and after drying wash the face with clean water. In a few days, the problem of acne will get rid of.

Note- This article is written for educational purpose. Please consult a qualified specialist before any use. Thank you.

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