Ayurvedic remedies to get rid of chronic eczema from the root

Health Desk- Eczema is a very complex disease that if someone gets it, it becomes very difficult to cure. And when itching starts then a lot of problems have to be faced. Today we are going through this article What is Eczema? What is the cause of eczema? What are the symptoms of eczema? And you will get detailed information about Ayurvedic and some home remedies.

Ayurvedic remedies to get rid of chronic eczema from the root

What is eczema ?

Eczema is a skin disease that can affect any part of the body and causes itching, rash, red rash, scaly skin on the skin. It is very itchy in it. Scratching – Many people even remove blood while itching. But itching does not get relief. However, blisters also occur in some people when they have eczema.

What is the cause of eczema?

1. Eczema is caused due to the defect of blood in the body. In case of eczema, if it is not treated at the right time and appropriately, then it spreads very rapidly throughout the body. In some people, eczema persists for many years due to lack of cleanliness and carelessness in food.

2. By touching the wound of a person infected with eczema, other people can also become victims of eczema. Eczema is also more likely to happen due to an upset stomach. Eczema can also be a problem in women due to diseases related to menstruation.

3. Excessive use of soap, lime, soda, detergent etc., blood disorders, menstrual disturbances in women and wearing clothes of a person with herpes, scabies, itching can also cause eczema.

4. Eczema is also considered a genetic disease which can affect from one generation to another.

5. Some people may also have problems with eczema due to changes in the environment.

6. Causes of eczema also include some microorganisms like Staphylococcus aureus, viruses and some fungi like bacteria can also cause eczema.


What are the symptoms of eczema?

1. In the beginning of eczema, the patient has severe itching. On repeated itching, small pimples come out in his body. There is very severe burning and itching in these pimples. When the pimples are cooked, pus comes out of it. If the wounds of pimples are formed, then pus starts flowing completely from it. In this disease small red rash appears on the skin. It is itchy and after scratching there is a burning sensation. Later it starts spreading in the form of stains. If there is eczema all over the body, then fever can also come.

2. Main symptoms of eczema In children, it can also occur in the inner part of the knees and elbows.

3. The symptoms of eczema also depend to a great extent on the age of the person. But in most cases, the complaints of eczema include itching on the skin, roughness of the skin, skin eruptions. Although the problem of eczema of many people gets cured quickly, some people remain troubled by this problem.

Types of eczema-

1.Atopic eczema-

The most common type of eczema is atopic dermatitis. This happens to people who already have high fever and asthma problems. Atopic dermatitis is more prevalent in childhood. But it can bother people of any age. This causes a rash on the skin which often occurs on your elbows or knees. The same children often get pimples on their scalp and cheeks.

2. Contact eczema-

In contact dermatitis, due to repeated exposure to something, the body’s immune system gets activated and it causes inflammation in the skin, that is, due to contact with the skin, an allergic reaction starts in the body. This type of eczema can arise when the skin is damaged due to contact with something or a substance. This can cause blisters on your skin which can burst at any time. Along with this, there may be a problem of itching, redness and burning on the skin.

3. Discoid eczema-

This eczema occurs in the form of small lesions later on the legs and chest. Elders are more likely to have this type of eczema. It can be related to atopic eczema as well as allergic contact dermatitis in some rare cases. In some cases, it is also related to an allergic reaction to a fungal infection called athlete’s foot.

4.Seborrhoeic Eczema-

It is a common skin condition that mainly affects the scalp. It causes scaly patchy patches, red skin and stubborn dandruff. Seborrheic dermatitis may first affect these areas of the body. Such as- face, sides of the nose, ears, eyelids, eyebrows and chest.

5.Numular eczema-

Nummular dermatitis is characterized by the formation of CK-shaped red marks. This eczema condition often affects the lower part of the abdomen, legs, arms, wrists, back of the hand and the groin.

6.Dyshidrotic eczema-

Dyshidrotic eczema eczema affects the hands and feet. However, it can also spread from the hands or feet to the skin of the whole body. In this condition also blisters are formed which are filled with fluid and cause itching. The blisters normally last for about 2 to 4 weeks and can also be related to allergies or stress associated with the weather.

7. Stasis eczema-

Stasis dermatitis occurs when the blood circulation in the body is not proper. If the body is itching or there is a brown spot, then it may indicate the symptom of stasis dermatitis. Shows.

Ayurvedic remedy for eczema

1. Take two-two tablets of Kanchanar Guggul with water in the morning and evening.

2. Take two tablets of Gandhak Rasayan Vati with water in the morning and evening.

3. Take 10 to 20 ml Khadirarishta in the morning and evening.

4. Take 10 ml of Karanj oil, 5 grams of beeswax and 2-3 grams of Bhimseni camphor. Now heat karanj oil and wax. After this, take off the flame and add camphor and mix it well. This ointment will be ready. Now keep it safe. Use this ointment on the affected area in the morning and evening.

Note- By using the above-mentioned medicine regularly for three to four months, chronic eczema and all kinds of extreme diseases are eradicated from the root, this is a tried and tested Ayurvedic remedy.

Home remedies for eczema

1. Grind celery with water and apply it on eczema, it provides relief from eczema. Eczema gets cured by using it regularly for a few days.

2. Scratching the eczematous area and applying the juice of mango stalk on it, it is beneficial in eczema disease.

3. Mixing coconut oil and camphor well and applying it on the area of ​​eczema cures eczema.

Burn 250 grams of Kaner root in 4.1 liter sesame oil and filter it. Putting the root in this oil and boiling it for a long time burns the root. Applying this oil daily on the eczema with clean cotton in the morning and evening ends the eczema disease from the root.

5. Take pink leaves of neem and cook them in oil. When these leaves burn, filter the oil and add a little camphor to it and using this oil on eczema gives great relief.

6. Taking out the juice of soft leaves of neem and mixing some sugar candy in it, cleans the blood and destroys all the diseases caused by blood loss, ringworm, itch, itching, pimples etc.

Wash and clean the eczema by boiling neem leaves in water, then applying the paste of lemon juice and basil leaves on that place, it cures eczema.

8. Make a decoction by boiling triphala, neem bark and parwal leaves in water. By cleaning the eczema stains with this decoction, this disease gets cured quickly.

9. Make a decoction by taking equal quantity of Triphala, Kutki, Baruhaldi, Majith, Giloy and Lemon bark. By drinking this decoction every morning and evening, eczema disease ends in a few days.

Note- This article is written for educational purpose. Please consult a qualified doctor before any use. Thank you.

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