Be careful, These 10 Habits Increase your Obesity

Health Desk- We want to stay fit, and make every possible effort for that. But your efforts are not successful due to some wrong habits, and the result comes in front of you in the form of obesity. Some of our bad habits are responsible for this, which do not allow us to lose weight, but work to increase it.

If you do not know what are these obesity-increasing habits, then definitely read this article till the end and know your bad habits which are responsible for your obesity.

Be careful, These 10 Habits Increase your Obesity
Be careful, These 10 Habits Increase your Obesity

1 .Skipping breakfast –

Not having breakfast in the morning is a bad habit in terms of health, which does not give you fit. Because there is a gap of eight to twelve hours between dinner and morning breakfast, in which the body and mind do not get nutrition. In such a situation, not having breakfast in the morning also increases the weakness of the body and mind, as well as creates the problem of gas, which causes flatulence.

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Doing this also has a bad effect on the digestive power. Apart from this, you take more calories in lunch, which reduces your energy and increases laziness. That’s why try to have breakfast in the morning and include healthy things in it. Eating a large amount of breakfast also does not affect your health badly, so breakfast should be taken lightly.

2 .Starving –

Being hungry for a long time causes many problems related to health. Due to lack of nutrition in the body, weakness is also felt. According to doctors, after being hungry for a long time, you eat excessive food together, due to which there is a problem of indigestion and when there is a problem of indigestion, undigested food is stored in the form of fat, due to which obesity increases.

Apart from this, the possibility of reducing the amount of blood sugar in the body increases. Apart from this, the brain also does not get the right amount of glucose due to which you start feeling lethargic. For this, always try to eat food on time or keep eating something or the other.

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3 .Sleeping immediately after eating-

Be careful, These 10 Habits Increase your Obesity
Be careful, These 10 Habits Increase your Obesity

When you sleep after eating food, you must wake up feeling heaviness in the stomach, this happens because the food is not digested. Sleeping soon after having dinner, especially, is a major reason for obesity. Fat is formed due to improper digestion of food, as well as the problem of gas arises, due to which your stomach starts coming out.

Do not sleep immediately after eating food, but take time to walk a little or do other things. Be sure to keep a gap of a few hours between dinner and sleep.

4 .Day sitting-

Working in the office or at home all day long is also a reason for obesity. Due to this, the fat present in the body does not become active and obesity starts increasing. That’s why try to get up and move around once in a while or walk around on some pretext.

If there is a lift in the office, then ignore it and use the stairs, so that there is light exercise. This helps in keeping obesity under control.

5 .Fast Food –

Excessive consumption of fast food invites obesity. The amount of fats and calories in them is very high, which increases obesity rapidly. So try to eat healthy instead of fast food.

Keep one day a week for fast food, but avoid taking extra things in that too. Apart from this, do not consume too much oily spiced food and if you have to eat, then increase the amount of salad with it. With this, the digestion process will increase, due to which the bad effect of fast food will not be there.

6 .Alcohol –

Be careful, These 10 Habits Increase your Obesity
Be careful, These 10 Habits Increase your Obesity

There is a lot of calories in alcohol, which works to increase your obesity rapidly. Due to this many times the weight increases even after exercise. It will be better if you do not consume alcohol.

Use it only occasionally in an event, otherwise it can cause obesity as well as heart disease, liver infection or brain problems.

7 .Inadequate Sleep –

Inadequate sleep sometimes becomes the cause of obesity. Keeping sleep in mind, it is very important for us to organize our daily routine.

Sleeping late at night and getting up early in the morning causes obesity. Inadequate sleep hinders digestion of food, which leads to formation of fat. Try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep and make a habit of sleeping on time at night.

8 .Haste in eating –

Many times we try to finish the food in a hurry, but do not pay proper attention to chewing the food. In this haste, the information does not reach the brain on time that what you are eating, and whether your stomach is full or not.

Due to which many times you eat more than required and digestion gets affected. That’s why it would be better that you eat little by little but comfortably so that you avoid eating more than necessary.

9 .Watching TV –

Many people have the habit of eating food while watching TV. But due to this habit, you do not get to know how much you have eaten, and you eat more than required.

That’s why try not to eat while watching TV or pay as much attention to food as they give on TV. But keep in mind that according to a research, watching TV for more than two hours a day increases the chances of obesity by 20%.

10 .Stress –

Be careful, These 10 Habits Increase your Obesity
Be careful, These 10 Habits Increase your Obesity

When you are under stress, sometimes you tend to overeat. Due to which obesity increases. The chances of high cholesterol and gastroenteritis also increase due to stress. That’s why you should try to stay away from stress.

Note- This article has been written for educational purpose. For more details consult a qualified doctor. Thank you.

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