Can defecation more than 2 times a day be a symptom of these diseases?

Health Desk- Defecation more than 2-3 times a day can be a symptom of malfunction in your digestive system and liver. According to food and lifestyle, the habit of going to the toilet can be different for every person. But you must have also seen many people who defecate more times than usual in a day. If this is happening with you too, then it should not be ignored. On an average, defecation twice a day is considered normal, but defecation more often than this is a sign of some disease in the body or malfunction of the digestive system. Many times this problem is seen due to change in diet or change in lifestyle, but then it also gets cured on its own. Let us know what is the reason for going to the toilet more than 2-3 times a day and how this problem can be solved.

Can defecation more than 2 times a day be a symptom of these diseases
Can defecation more than 2 times a day be a symptom of these diseases

What could be the reason for frequent defecation?

The problem of frequent defecation can be due to many reasons. There can be different reasons for this problem in every person. This problem can also be due to weakness of the digestive system and liver failure. Apart from this, any kind of infection or problem in the large intestine can also be the reason for this. Frequent defecation can also be a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome. Defecation more than two to three times a day can be a symptom of these problems such as-

  • Intestinal inflammation or infection.
  • Due to hyperthyroidism.
  • Problem of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Due to celiac disease.
  • Causes of ulcerative colitis.
  • Infection with bacteria or viruses.
  • Gallbladder problem.
  • Taking too many antibiotics.

Due to unhealthy and too much fatty or spicy food, you may also have the problem of frequent defecation. Apart from this, excessive consumption of high fiber foods is also considered to be the reason for this. But the problem caused by this gets fixed automatically. If you have a problem of frequent defecation for a long time, then first of all you should consult a doctor.

What is the home remedy to avoid frequent defecation?

In the problem of defecation more often than usual, first of all you should consult a doctor. Apart from this, to avoid this problem, you should avoid consuming caffeine and high fiber foods. Apart from this, due to lack of water in the body, you may have to go to the toilet again and again, so you must drink sufficient amount of water. If this problem has persisted for a long time and because of this your problems are increasing, then necessary treatment should be taken after examination.

Note- This article has been written for educational purposes, for more information, do not ignore such problems, but seek the advice of a qualified doctor. Thank you.

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