Diabetes- 10 Main Symptoms or Signs of Diabetes

Health Desk- The disease of diabetes is increasing very fast. Many times some people come to know about this disease when some parts of the body (eyes, kidney, heart) are damaged by it. It is very important to detect this disease on time. Diabetes has a very bad effect on the kidney. Kidney failure can be fatal. Today we will tell you the symptoms of diabetes through this article, if you are also seeing such symptoms in your body, then you must get the sugar test done. If you pay attention to the problem of sugar in the beginning, then you can avoid other health problems.

Diabetes- 10 Main Symptoms or Signs of Diabetes
Diabetes- 10 Main Symptoms or Signs of Diabetes

Symptoms or signs of diabetes-

1. Frequent urination-

When the blood sugar level in the body increases, frequent urination starts. The sugar accumulated in the body starts coming out of the body through urine.

2. Feeling tired-

If you remain lazy all day and start feeling tired after doing little work or even after sleeping whole night you feel that sleep is not complete, then definitely get your sugar test done, these are the symptoms of diabetes. is one of the.

3. Wound formation on itching-

Whenever itching on any part of the body causes a wound and does not heal quickly, then your sugar level may increase. If you have this kind of problem, you may need immediate treatment.

4. Change in vision-

Diabetes has a bad effect on the eyes very quickly. This may reduce your vision. Sugar causes damage to the retina of the eyes. The lost vision due to sugar cannot be restored. That’s why ignoring such symptoms can be heavy.

5. Wounds do not heal quickly-

Cuts on the hands while cutting vegetables and cuts made while shaving do not heal quickly or heal slowly, then these can also be symptoms of diabetes.

6. Frequent hunger-

When the sugar level in the body increases, you start feeling hungry again and again. If you are eating more food than before and still do not feel full, then you may be suffering from diabetes.

7. Weight loss-

When there is an increase in appetite, along with eating food, weight should also increase, but when the sugar level increases, people eat a lot of food and the weight also remains less.

8. Skin related problem-

When the sugar level increases, problems related to the skin begin to appear, acne and blackheads on the face start growing very fast.

9. Bleeding gums-

Bleeding of gums while cleaning teeth or swelling of gums can also be due to diabetes. If you are seeing this symptom continuously, then you should get a sugar checkup done.

10. Frequent dry mouth-

There is a lot of thirst when you have diabetes. The mouth starts drying again and again or there is a lack of moisture in the mouth.

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