Diabetes- These 5 symptoms give signs of diabetes at a young age

Health desk- Diabetes is becoming a big threat for the world. It is an incurable disease, which can only be controlled. The disease of diabetes is also genetic and it is also linked to our bad lifestyle. Nowadays, due to poor eating habits of people and lack of physical activities, the cases of diabetes are increasing continuously. India has the largest number of diabetes patients in the world. Not only elders, but young people are also suffering from this disease. Most cases of type 2 diabetes develop in young people. Today, we will tell you about some of the symptoms that you get before getting diabetes at a young age, which can be heavy for you to ignore.

Diabetes- These 5 symptoms give signs of diabetes at a young age
Diabetes- These 5 symptoms give signs of diabetes at a young age

1 .Frequent thirst-

Be alert if you feel thirsty again and again. Patients of diabetes feel more thirsty. In such a condition, you should get your blood sugar test done once. However, it is not necessary that feeling thirsty is just a sign of diabetes, but to be sure, do get the test done.

2 .Fatigue and weakness-

When the body is not able to make enough insulin or use it in sufficient quantity, then extreme fatigue and weakness starts to be felt. Feeling tired and weak in adolescence can be a sign of diabetes or any other health problems.

3 .Slow recovery-

Taking longer time to heal a wound or injury usually indicates diabetes. When the sugar level in the body increases, then the immune system does not work properly, due to which it takes more time to heal the injury.

4 .Overeating-

Another sign of diabetes is excessive hunger. By the way, it is common to feel more hungry at a young age, but if you are feeling more hungry with other symptoms, then do not delay in seeing the doctor at all.

5 .Getting infected again and again-

Getting infected again and again can be another early sign of diabetes. Due to the increase in the sugar level in the blood, the immune system is unable to function properly, due to which repeated infections can occur. If there is frequent infection in any part of the body in adolescence, then understand that you have diabetes.

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