What is the cause of headache ? Know 11 Home Remedies

Health Desk- Headache is a common problem that can happen to anyone. Sometimes the headache becomes mild and gets better on its own. But sometimes headache creates a lot of problems for us. Truth be told, having a headache is not a disease, but it is just a symptom of other diseases or problems. Today, through this article, what can be the reasons for headache and will learn about panacea home remedies.

What is the cause of headache Know 11 Home Remedies
What is the cause of headache ? Know 11 Home Remedies

What can be the reason for having headache?

Talking about the causes of headache, it can be due to stress, not getting enough sleep, gas formation in the stomach, going to more noisy places, sometimes thinking more and not drinking enough water etc. .

1. Eye problem-

Headache can also be due to a problem in the eyes. If there is blurred vision in your eyes, due to which you put more emphasis on the eyes to see some things. This puts more pressure on the brain, due to which headaches can also occur.

2. Due to allergies-

Headache can be caused due to any kind of allergy.

3. Addiction to tea or alcohol-

Many people have a habit of drinking more tea and if they do not get tea on time, then headache starts, those people who drink more alcohol may also experience headache.

4. Fatigue-

Headache can also be caused due to stress or exhaustion of the body, because in this your energy is exhausted, so you must meditate for 10 to 15 minutes daily. This will relieve stress and exhaustion of the body will also go away.

5. Due to computer or mobile-

Staying connected with computer or mobile for a long time can also cause headache. Due to this, there is continuous light on the eyes and the eyes get hurt, due to which the headache starts.

6. Not getting enough sleep-

Not getting enough sleep is also one of the reasons for headaches, people who stay up late at night and are not able to get enough sleep, it becomes common to have headaches when they wake up in the morning.

7. Change in weather-

Headache also starts due to change in weather, as if it is getting hotter, then it can cause headache.

8. Causes of Migraine-

Headache also occurs due to migraine. This pain is two or three times more common in women than in men. Migraine is a headache but it is accompanied by symptoms like fatigue, lack of sleep, nausea etc.

9.By rupture of arteries-

Due to rupture of the arteries, due to injury, blood starts flowing in the brain, otherwise stroke causes headache. This is called a thunderclap headache. This headache starts very sharply and suddenly. Dizziness, fainting are its main symptoms.

10. Gas formation in the stomach

Headache can also occur due to the formation of gas in the stomach, because gas can go to every part of our body, if the gas goes into the head, headache starts.

Home remedies for headache-

1. Soak the rice in the milk of Aak i.e. Madar and dry it. After this grind this rice and make powder. Now inhale this powder through your nose and smell it. By doing this, all kinds of headaches are beneficial. With this, any kind of headache goes away immediately.

2. Putting two drops of desi ghee in both the nostrils of the nose gives relief from headache, you can also use honey instead of desi ghee.

3. Make a powder by grinding cinnamon. Now making a paste with the help of water and applying it on the forehead gives instant relief from headache.

4. In the treatment of headache, after heating cloves on a pan, grind them finely and make a paste with the help of water and apply this powder where there is pain. You will get relief from headache.

5. Take four-five pieces of cloves and grind them with a little salt and make a paste. Now consume it with a glass of milk, doing this gives relief from headache.

6. Make a paste by grinding the root of castor and dry ginger together and apply it on the head, it ends headache.

7. Chewing betel leaves and eating also gives relief from headache. Along with this, in the treatment of headache, mixing both coconut oil and clove oil and massaging the painful area provides relief from pain.

8. If there is a headache due to gas formation in the stomach, then squeeze a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. This will remove gas in the stomach and other stomach problems and get relief from headache.

9. Taking basil tea or chewing basil leaves gives relief from headache.

10. Take 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day, neither sleep less time nor too much and if you sleep during the day then change this habit. Make a habit of getting enough sleep only at night. This will get rid of the problem of headache.

11. If you have a chronic headache and it is not getting better with the treatment, then you must take the help of yoga. Try doing yoga only for a week, you will get a lot of relief in headache. For this, you should do Anulom-Vilom Pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama and Brahmari Pranayama in yoga for the head, this is a panacea yoga for headache.

Note- This article is written for educational purpose and is not a substitute for treatment of any disease. Therefore, before any use, please consult a qualified doctor. Thank you.

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