Heartbeat- What is heartbeat? Causes, symptoms and general treatment

What is heartbeat?

In heart palpitation disease, the heart of the patient starts beating excessively than naturally. When the patient starts experiencing his own intense vibrations. Then it is called heart palpitation disease.

Heartbeat- What is heartbeat Causes, symptoms and general treatment
Heartbeat- What is heartbeat Causes, symptoms and general treatment

What is the reason for heart palpitations?

Many patients come to the doctor with the complaint of heart palpitations. Although there can be many reasons for these symptoms. But the common reasons are as follows.

1. Anemia means lack of blood.

2. Indigestion means improper digestion.

3.Anxious, neurotic.

4. Consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes etc. in excess.

5. Hypertension means high blood pressure.

6. Dilation of the heart.

7. Nervous debility, mental instability.

8. Doing more mental work.

9. Worrying more mentally.

10. Doing more physical work and doing more exercise.

11. Formation of gas in the stomach.

12. Fear, sorrow and shock.

13. Disturbance of menstruation in women.

14. Making excessive physical relations. (Semen decay).

15. Consuming strong acid.

16. The initial stage of decay (tuberculosis).

17. Smoking more and getting angry.

18. Excessive mental stress- Mental stress is the main cause of this disease.

19. Some people who engage in excessive hard work without taking care of essential nutritious food are more prone to this disease.

20. Due to fear, anger, violence, seeing scary dreams, watching scary movies, etc., the heartbeat increases unnecessarily.

21. People who do not take care of food before and are already suffering from constipation, indigestion, gulm, gas, fire, acidosis etc., they can definitely become victims of heart-related diseases later on. In which heartbeat can also be a disease.

22. People of blood predominant metal are also victims of this disease.

23. All aspects related to heart and blood give rise to this disease.

24. This disease is also possible due to excessive sweating, sudden cold sweat, excessive discharge from the body, bleeding etc.

25. Due to weakness in pregnancy, there is a problem of heartbeat.

26. Diseases that debilitate the body cause problems related to heartbeat.

27. This disease mostly occurs in humans of soft nature and especially in women who have diseases like hysteria, menorrhagia or leucorrhoea.

28. In a fight, a riot or seeing someone suffering from an accident or dying in front of him or fearing for his life, heart palpitation occurs which persists for a long time.

29. Heart palpitations are not as natural in structural malformation of the heart as in hypersecretion of the thyroid gland or in anxiety.

What are the symptoms of heart disease?

The heart of the patient of palpitation beats more than normal.

Heart palpitations due to abnormal sequence of work of the heart appear more gradually in men. Along with this, it always remains but sometimes it becomes more.

There is pain in left shoulder with palpitation.

Lips and temples turn somewhat blue.

There is some difference in the sound of the heart and the heartbeat increases even after doing hard work and walking.

The patient suffers due to heart palpitations.

Those who get this disease once, they have the fear of getting it again and again.

When the heart rate is high, there is some pain in the region of the heart, vertigo, tinnitus and sweating.

The patient’s nose becomes red and restlessness is felt in the heart.

The patient can clearly hear the heartbeat.

Note- This disease can last from a few seconds to two-three hours, in a healthy state the heart beats quietly and regularly and the person cannot hear its beat. But in this disease, the speed of the heart becomes so fast that the patient himself feels the sound of his heart beating. Actually this disease has nothing to do with heart defects. In such a patient, walking a little distance, climbing stairs, doing even a little effort, the heart starts beating more. Its speed can be up to 120 times per minute.

The patient of heart palpitations experiences great uneasiness in the heart at the time of palpitation. The patient’s nose is red. Shiro- Confusion happens. The patient feels like voices are coming in his ears, when the patient sleeps in solitude at night, his own heartbeat is heard in his ears.

Diagnosis of disease

There is no difficulty in diagnosing this disease on the basis of the above mentioned symptoms. The main symptom of this disease is the rapid and vigorous beating of the heart.

Forecast- Those who have this disease, there is a possibility of getting it again and again. Also, this deformity persists throughout life.

When this disease remains calm, then he does not feel any kind of problem. But when the heartbeat increases, then some pain is felt at the place of the heart. The head starts spinning. The sound starts happening in the ear. There is profuse sweating and then restlessness is felt in the heart.

General treatment of heart palpitations-

The real treatment of this disease is to remove the reason that caused this disease.

Food habits and lifestyle etc. should be limited and regular.

Measures should be taken to strengthen the nervous system.

If palpitation is due to any heart disease, then treatment should be done to remove this disease.

Consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking etc can cause this disease, so distance should be made from it.

Medicines and food items that give strength to the patient’s heart should be consumed.

Consume such things so that gas does not form in the stomach.

Take special care towards constipation, if there is constipation, then take measures to remove it.

In this disease, medicines like lamp, digestive, laxative, soft purgative, afara killer and heart-strengthening medicines should be taken.

In our country, more patients suffering from anemia are found, especially women suffer more from iron deficiency anemia, so if anemia is found in the clinical examination, then iron, vitamins, vitamin B12 and folic acid should be taken. As soon as the anemia goes away, the heartbeat goes away.

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