How can I increase immunity power ?

Helth desk- Immunity helps our body to fight against every disease. If we keep our immunity power good, then we can recover from any disease quickly.

What is immunity ?
Immunity helps our body to fight against all kinds of diseases. Along with this, immunity also makes new cells in our body to fight disease.

If we fall ill then immunity helps us to get well soon from that disease.

Why is immunity power low ?
When we are sick for a long time or our body takes time to recover from any disease. This means that our body has less immunity power.

Due to low immunity power, our body takes time to fight diseases. There are many reasons for low immunity.

1 .Stress-

We all think deeply about something or the other every day and take stress. Taking stress causes headache, fatigue, restlessness. Due to which the immunity power of our body can be reduced. Due to low immunity power, our body takes time to fight against diseases.

2 .Do not exercise-

The immune system of our body should always be good, it is very important for our health. Exercising keeps our body healthy. Due to lack of exercise, our body catches many diseases easily. Because of which we can fall ill soon. Exercising keeps immunity power strong and helps in fighting diseases.

3 .Not getting enough sleep-

Due to not getting enough sleep, there is fatigue in our body. Because of which we feel unwell. Not getting enough sleep is also a big reason. Due to which our immunity power can be reduced.

4 .Improper nutrition-

Immunity power week can also happen due to taking less diet. That is why it is necessary that we eat good food in which vitamins, proteins, fiber, anti-oxidants, nutrients and all the necessary elements are present. If we eat good food then our health will also remain good. We should reduce the consumption of the same junk food. Because junk foods contain excessive fat. Which prevents the immune system from working.

How can increase immunity power ?
It is very important to have good immunity in our body. Having good immunity power helps our body to fight against every disease. There are many ways to increase immunity power.

1 .Do not take excessive medicine-

Excessive use of medicine hinders the immune system of our body. Consumption of excessive medicines prevents and greatly affects the functioning of kidneys, liver, and our respiratory system in our body.

2 .Exercise according to the rules-

By exercising regularly, the blood circulation of our body is good. Due to which our immune system works well. Exercising every day keeps our body healthy. By which we are able to fight against every disease.

How can I increase immunity power
How can I increase immunity power

3 .Take Vitamin D in Food-

Consuming Vitamin D in food can be beneficial for health. Therefore, consume more and more of the substances of vitamin D in your diet.

4 .Drink green tea instead of coffee and tea-

Coffee and tea contain anti-oxidants. So reduce the intake of coffee and tea. Instead of drinking coffee and tea, drink green tea. Green tea increases the metabolism of our body and also helps in increasing immunity power.

5 .Avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking-

Consumption of substances like alcohol, smoking, tobacco weakens our immune system. Due to which our body can catch many diseases soon. That is why the maximum should be avoided by consuming substances like smoking, alcohol and tobacco. So that the immunity of our body remains.

6 .Maintain cleanliness-

Most of the infections are spread due to dirt. For which it is most important that we maintain cleanliness around us and in our home.

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