How to get rid of hiccups ?

Health desk- There will be hardly any of us, who has never had hiccups. It is a normal thing to happen, which does not last long. After a while it disappears on its own. But many times you must have felt that once the hiccup comes, it does not take the name of going back. This usually happens due to drinking less water or eating more spicy food. When this type of situation comes, then the person gets very upset. Because many times even after taking many measures, the hiccup does not take the name of stopping. In such a situation, in today’s post, we are going to tell you some such measures, using which you can get rid of it.

How to get rid of hiccups –

1. Drink water-

How to get rid of hiccups
How to get rid of hiccups

Drinking water is one of the oldest remedies to stop hiccups, which has been going on for centuries. Whenever you feel such a condition, immediately drink a glass of water slowly. It miraculously affects the throat, due to which your problem goes away. If this remedy is not working, then you can easily stop hiccups by trying the remedies given below.

2. Holding the breath –

If you are troubled by frequent hiccups and even after taking all the measures, you are not getting any benefit, then to get rid of it, you should adopt the method of stopping your breath. With the help of your hands, close your nose and mouth for a few seconds. Due to which the hiccup has difficulty in reaching the throat. However, people who have trouble breathing, they should not do this remedy.

3. Gargle with ice water –

Sometimes it becomes difficult to stop the hiccups. In such a situation, ice technology can be useful for you. For this, put ice cube in a glass of water and gargle for half a minute. If the hiccups do not stop at once, then repeat the process again and again. But you will get benefit.

4. Pull the tongue –

It is possible that you may feel hesitance to stick out your tongue in front of everyone. But this trick really proves to be very effective. For this, you slowly pull your tongue outwards. By doing this the hiccups will stop.

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