How to protect children from diseases in the rain?

Health desk- During the rainy season, children and adults all want to get wet in the rain. Incessant rains have started increasing the problems of cold, cold, fever in children. In every family, one child is affected by seasonal disease. Children enjoy this season very well. There are also some drawbacks of the rainy season such as falling ill after taking a bath in excessive rain.

How to protect children from diseases in the rain
How to protect children from diseases in the rain

Fungal infection-
The rainy season also brings with it many infections, which are very important to avoid. Due to the excessive moisture in the environment, bacteria and infections grow easily and it is very easy for them to spread. Therefore, children mostly get skin infections or allergies in this season, because they go for bath, play and play in the rain. This infection can also spread from one to another. To avoid these, pay attention to your children. Do not go out much, avoid eating outside as much as possible in this season, because your safety is in your hands. Take care of cleanliness in the house, do not share your towel with anyone. By doing this you can avoid infection.

Dengue spreads rapidly during the rainy season. People often forget to clean the frozen water in their garden or home during this season. Like water starts collecting in pots, tyres, flowers etc. and mosquitoes start making their camp there. In such a situation, it is to be kept in mind that before the rainy season comes, clean the house. Save the kids as much as you can. Wear full sleeve clothes, wear socks and do not let them go out much in the evening.

This cold is usually not serious, but it is important to pay attention to it nonetheless. To prevent this, you should pay attention to cleanliness, give your child frequent hand wash and keep giving lukewarm water to drink as much as possible. This will keep you away from many diseases.

The weather changes during the rainy season. The day time can be hot and humid, while at night it can be a bit chilly. Soft, lightweight clothing is better during the day, and an extra layer of full-sleeved clothing will keep babies warm at night.

Keep warm and dry-
Moisture increases the chances of infection. Therefore, it is pertinent that we encourage children to carry raincoats and umbrellas when they go out. If the child gets wet, we should ask him to change his clean and dry clothes immediately after reaching home.

Frequent urination is a common thing in monsoon. If you have young children, it is important to change diapers frequently to avoid wetness and fungal infections.

Contaminated drinking water-
Drinking water is contaminated by rain. Diarrhea infection increases by drinking dirty water. Always use filtered R.O water. You can also boil water and consume it when it cools down. Washing hands frequently is the key to staying away from diarrhea. Avoid outside food and give only fresh home cooked food to the children.

It can be challenging to clean up water, mud, and dirty floors during rains. It is very important to wash hands and feet whenever the child comes home. The floor has to be cleaned at least twice during the rainy season. When cleaning the floor, mix some floor cleaner with an antiseptic liquid in the water. Make sure the child wears clean clothes, socks and shoes. Wash baby’s socks daily. Wash and dry children’s toys at least once a week.

Balanced diet-
Make sure kids have a healthy diet, and also try to avoid street food. Include enough greens and seasonal fruits like banana, papaya and pomegranate in your diet. Include beetroot in your child’s diet, as it is rich in antioxidants and is known to boost immunity. Avoid eating pre-cut fruits and salads. Dried fruits are one of the best foods to boost immunity during monsoon.

Flu protection-
Don’t miss your child’s routine vaccination shots. The best thing you can do to protect your child from the flu is to get them vaccinated against the flu. In addition, it is important to keep the child away from a sick parent or a relative.

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