Know- Should I run during menstruation or not?

Health desk- Period is such a time in which women have to deal with problems like fatigue and abdominal pain. That’s why many people recommend taking rest during periods. But according to doctors, light workouts can be done during the period. Today we will tell you about whether you should run during period or not.

Should I run during menstruation or not
Should I run during menstruation or not

Periods were very painful for girls. Women like to take rest in such times because the period of menstruation is very painful. For this reason most of the girls want to know whether running should be done during menstruation or not.
If you also have this question in your mind, then the simple answer is that yes women should run during menstruation too. Almost all women experience pain during periods. To avoid this, girls should run during their period.

Because running during periods relieves pain, cramps and tension during that time. Running is a type of light exercise. It is very important to keep the body hydrated while running during menstruation. Because when you are on your period, you use up extra fluid.

Benefits of running during menstruation-
When you do running during menstruation, then you get the following types of benefits.

Running during periods increases endorphin hormone levels-
The endorphin hormone acts as a deterrent in the body of women and helps a lot in reducing pain and fatigue. When you run, the level of endorphins in the body increases. It helps in relieving period pain, fatigue, stress.

Benefits of running during menstruation in stress and irritability-
Running during menstruation has many benefits. Most women experience fatigue, irritability, and pain during periods. To avoid this, you should do running, running can help in fixing your mood.

Benefits of running during period in mood swings –

It is very common for girls to have mood swings during their periods. Running can help you fix this. Apart from this, the symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) in women can also be reduced by running.

Benefits of running during menstruation to increase stamina-

When women run during their period, it develops stamina in them. During menstruation, there is a deficiency of female hormones in women, due to which there is fatigue and weakness. Running during menstruation can get rid of all these problems.

Tips for running during periods-
If you are going to run during periods, then you should keep the following things in mind.

Drink more water-
It is always important to stay hydrated while running, but even more so when you are on your period. At this point you are losing extra fluids.

Rest well-

Take good rest before running during your period. If you work, take one day of rest a week and get enough sleep every night.

Eat healthy diet-

Include plenty of fresh and whole foods in your diet. So that all the nutrients are present in your body, which will give you enough energy. Limit the intake of salt in your food.

Keep breathing normal in running-

When women are running during their period, keep their breathing normal. Because it is one of the best ways to get oxygen to your muscles.

Do stretching before running-

Do dynamic stretches to warm up before running. Dynamic stretches involve movement and help move your muscles. They can also help reduce cramps.
Note- This article has been written for educational purpose. Consult a qualified doctor before any use. Thank you.

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