Menopause- What is menopause? Know what is its exact age?

Health desk- Menstruation in women is a natural process which starts at the age of 12-14 and usually continues till the age of 45 to 50 years. After that it shuts down forever. In women, this special condition is called change, amenorrhea, change of condition, menopause or sandhikal. After this stage menstruation stops. It is a kind of old age of the productive organs.

Menstruation of childless women often stops before the age of 40 to 50 years. Apart from this, in women whose menstruation starts late, it ends soon. If procreation continues and at least one child is born after the age of 40, then menstruation remains constant for more days. Menstruation of many women stops as soon as they reach the age of 35 years. Menopause occurs suddenly in some women and gradually in others. With the increase of age, the production power of women gradually decreases. Even after menopause, sex drive persists for many years in some women. But in the absence of ovulation, she is unable to conceive.

Menopause- What is menopause Know what is its exact age
Menopause- What is menopause Know what is its exact age

As a result of menopause, female reproductive organs atrophy. Ovaries shrink. There are wrinkles on his face. The uterus becomes smaller in size due to reduction in the amount of uterine muscles. The lining of the uterus dries up. The wall of the vagina becomes soft, thin and loose. Vaginas tend to be shallow. The cervix contracts. The vulva becomes flat. The dams of the pelvis become loose. All these reproductive deficiencies are targeted due to estrogen deficiency.

Permanent stoppage of menstruation in women proves that the regular function of their ovarian glands has ended. But it is also strange that in some women it stops suddenly without any prior notice. But usually women’s menstruation stops gradually. After completely stopping the flow of blood for a few months, it continues again and after going with the disorder, it stops completely.

It has also been seen that some women get pregnant suddenly even after the menstruation has stopped permanently. The reason for this can be assumed that the period of restlessness of change does not end with the complete stop of menstruation, the woman’s ovum still remains active. Even if the secretion does not come out, but the eggs keep coming out from the ovary continuously. These men establish pregnancy by meeting sperms. After the complete cessation of menstruation, it may happen for 1 or 2 years that the ovaries continue to produce fine ovum of the woman. These ovums have the power to conceive. In this way, it is seen that in such a condition a completely healthy child is born. It is acceptable to accept that even after permanent cessation of menstruation, for a few months, 1 year or 2 years, there is a last attempt by nature to conceive.

Some scholars are of the view that many women do not experience any symptoms during the period of menopause i.e. the cessation of menstruation. There is only one symptom and that is that the bleeding that the woman used to have every month has stopped. According to the opinion of some scholars, at least 15% of the following symptoms have to be found in these symptoms.

Changes in nature or nature- the mental state of the woman becomes fickle, irritability comes in nature, the woman gets upset or starts crying in small things and cannot tolerate anything, the heart becomes sad. Some women So due to this reason, they are found to be neurotic.

Hot flushes- A woman who has stopped menstruating has the feeling that she is standing on the support of a flame. Along with this, there is also a feeling of burning or heat in the body.

Shortness of breath- It is psychological.

There is a feeling of tiredness or fatigue.

Anxiety- Some scholars say that all changes in menopause are the result of changes in secretions. According to him, all the symptoms occurring during this period can be divided into the following parts.

1. Endocrine or reproductive symptoms.

2. Mood symptoms.

3 .Metabolic traits.

4 .Vasomotor symptoms.

5. Rheumatic symptoms.

6. Major symptoms-

The above mentioned symptoms are found in women after menopause i.e. stop of menstruation.

Note- According to the above mentioned information, there is no age limit for menopause, rather this time is according to the condition of the woman. This article has been written for educational purpose. For more details consult a qualified gynecologist. Thank you.

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