Should we have sex during menstruation or not?

Health desk- When a woman becomes capable of giving birth to a child, the blood that flows regularly from the uterus every month through the mucous membrane is called menstruation or menstruation. Menstruation starts from the age of 12 to 14 and continues regularly till the age of 45 to 50 years. However, menstruation also depends on the diet and lifestyle of the girl or woman. That’s why menstruation starts in some girls at the age of 10 years, while in some women it ends at the age of 35-40 years. At this time itself, a mature egg comes out from the ovary of the woman, which completes the task of establishing pregnancy by meeting with the male sperm. The duration of menstruation is about 3 to 7 days. Ovum erosion occurs on the 11th or 12th day of menstruation.

Should we have sex during menstruation or not
Should we have sex during menstruation or not

A cycle of menstruation goes on in which not only the uterus and its endometrium participate but also the seminal glands and other secondary sex organs.

During menstruation, there are many physical and mental changes in women like-

pelvic development

Development of external genitalia.

Strengthening of breasts- The breast becomes more sensitive by increasing a bit.

Shyness comes in girls.

Sexual desire arises in girls after menstruation. Due to which they become sensual.

21-4 days before the onset of menstruation and until it stops, women develop a kind of lethargy and disinterest in food. Women also experience heaviness and pain in the waist, hips and pelvis.

The nature of women often becomes sharp and irritable during menstruation.

His health becomes heavy. There is headache. Some women also suffer from constipation and dysentery.

During menstruation, the pulse rate of women slows down and the blood pressure increases slightly.

During menstruation, one-third women have severe pain, one-third women have mild pain and the remaining one-third women have no pain.

Should we have sex during menstruation or not?

Due to excessive wetness of the vagina during menstruation, the physical relationship does not become pleasant. Apart from this, some dangers also arise from above. The bleeding of women increases due to having physical relations during menstruation. Along with this, if a man has any secret disease like heat, gonorrhea etc., then that too gets infected very quickly. In addition to this, if there are secret diseases of women during menstruation, they also increase. In such a situation, a man who has physical relations with those women also becomes a victim of that disease. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain abstinence during the days of menstruation. Then these days the female genitals are so wet and foul-smelling that at the time of physical relation, instead of the feeling of pleasure, the man may also develop distaste. Along with this, the fear of its bad and permanent mental impact also remains.

Having physical relations during menstruation can also increase the blood flow drastically. Having a physical relationship during this time can sometimes stop a woman’s menstruation forever. Just as if something falls in flowing water, it gets washed away in its flow, in the same way, having a physical relationship with a menstruating woman, the male semen also gets washed away along with the discharge and gets destroyed. That’s why there is no possibility of pregnancy.

Scholars even say that it also reduces the life span of a man. If for some reason the pregnancy does not get confirmed or it leads to miscarriage or abortion in an untimely manner.

Thus, it is clear that in this stage, neither from the scientific point of view, nor from the religious point of view, nor from the aesthetic point of view, it is proper to have a physical relationship. But it has also been seen that some women experience strong desire for sex during menstruation and get excited to have physical relations. Some men also get aroused by the smell of female menstrual discharge during this period. Physical relations for such men and women may not be harmful, but can never be pleasurable. Therefore, it is better to stay away from physical relations between both men and women during this period.

Note- Now after reading this article, you must have understood whether physical relations should be made during menstruation or not? This article has been written for educational purposes, for more information, please consult a qualified doctor. Thank you.

Source- Gynecology Medical Book.

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