Uric Acid- What to do when uric acid increases? Know home remedies

Health desk- The problem of increasing uric acid is increasing rapidly among people. Along with increasing age, the problem of urine acid gout arthritis is increasingly being seen. Which is the process of converting the glucose protein formed during the food digestion process directly into urine acid due to the change in lifestyle, eating habits, routine, is called urine acid. During the food digestion process, uric acid is formed from amino acids and purine nucleotides from proteins,

Uric Acid- What to do when uric acid increases Know home remedies
Uric Acid- What to do when uric acid increases Know home remedies

Uric acid means, there is an imbalance process in the blood due to lack of purine nutritional balance in the food that is eaten. Due to which uric acid is formed by the breakdown of purine. Uric acid is a kind of acid crystal that freezes between the joints of the bones. Which hurts due to prick stiffness while walking. Which is called uric acid. In research, uric acid is considered as the regulator of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, C-5, H-4, N-4, O-3 that accumulates in the body. It is very important to control uric acid on time. If uric acid is not treated on time, the chances of joint pain, arthritis, kidney stone, diabetes, blood disorders increase. That’s why it is very important to control the amount of uric acid in the blood.

Symptoms of increased uric acid-

  • Swelling in the knots.
  • Severe pain in the joints in the morning and evening, more or less.
  • Pain in foot-joints.
  • Pain in feet and ankles.
  • Tolerable pain in feet and ankles while getting up after sitting at one place for a long time. Then the pain becomes normal.
  • Swelling in feet, joints, fingers, knots.
  • Increase in sugar level, in case of any such problem, uric acid test should be done immediately.

Home remedies to control uric acid-

1. Consuming half teaspoon of chicory powder with water on an empty stomach in the morning and at night at bedtime, uric acid ends in a few days. This remedy is very miraculous because it is a tried and tested remedy.

2. When uric acid increases, eat a diet rich in hydralic fiber, in which spinach, broccoli, oats, oatmeal, isabgol husk are beneficial.

3. Mixing amla juice and aloe vera juice and drinking it 10 minutes before eating in the morning and evening helps a lot in reducing uric acid.

4. Drinking tomato and grape juice is helpful in reducing uric acid rapidly.

5. Chewing 1 spoon of linseed seed finely and eating it after 5 minutes of eating food at all three times does not make uric acid in the process of digestion.

6. Mixing 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder with 1 cup of hot milk and drinking it, uric acid comes under control.

7. Use olive oil while preparing food while uric acid increases. Vitamin-E and minerals are present in olive oil. Which are helpful in controlling uric acid.

8. Eating walnuts before eating 15 when uric acid increases, digestion process controls sugar amino acids. Which is helpful in preventing the conversion of protein into uric acid.

9. Consume things containing vitamin C in food. Vitamin C is helpful in excretion of uric acid through urine.

10. Uric acid is able to be kept under control by eating 2-3 cherries daily. The acid does not allow crystals to form in cherry knots.

11. Squeeze half a lemon in the salad and eat it. Uric acid is able to come out through urine by drinking 1 lemon in 1 glass of water once a day. Do not add sugar or sweets.

12. To reduce uric acid rapidly, walk briskly for 45-45 minutes every morning and evening and sweat. Brisk walking prevents acid crystals from accumulating at the joints knots. Along with this, by intensifying the blood circulation, it is able to make the blood circulation smooth. Walking can easily get rid of hundreds in the body. Brisk walking has been found to be able to control acid reflux quickly.

13. Stop eating outside completely. Eat sattvic fresh food made at home. Take balanced nutritious diet containing fresh fruits, green vegetables, salad, fiber in food.

14. Do yoga, easy, exercise everyday. This helps in reducing uric acid. Along with doing yoga-easy-exercises obesity weight will be controlled.

15. Soak a cotton cloth in warm water and soak it in hot water to get relief in excessive swelling pain.

16. On the onset of uric acid problem, get the investigation done immediately. If uric acid stays for a long time, other diseases easily make their homes.

Food and drink when uric acid increases-

1. If uric acid increases, stop eating meat and fish immediately. Uric acid increases rapidly by eating non-veg. Medicines reduce the effect of medicines.

2. When uric acid increases, completely stop the consumption of eggs. Egg rich protein is rich in fat. Which increases uric acid.

3. Stop the right food items made from bakery. Bakery food preservative is wet. Such as pastries, cakes, pancakes, buns, cream biscuits, etc.

4. Immediately stop junk food, fast food, cold soda drinks, fried things when uric acid increases. Junk food, fast food, soda and cold drinks spoil the digestion process even more. Due to which acid acid increases rapidly.

5. Stop eating rice, potatoes, hot chillies, spicy, fried dishes completely. These things are helpful in increasing uric acid.

6. Completely stop eating all kinds of ingredients present in a closed box. Chemical chemicals are mixed in the food items of closed containers during storage. Such as different types of plastic packed chips, food etc. Food items of thousands of closed boxes and packets are helpful in increasing uric acid.

7. Stop the consumption of alcohol completely. Beer, wine increases uric acid rapidly. Research has found that 70 percent of people who continuously consume beer, alcohol and drugs have the most uric acid problems. Immediately stop drinking beer, alcohol when uric acid increases. Beer makes even a healthy person sick. Beer, alcohol, intoxicants are injurious to health.

Note- This article has been written for educational purpose. For more details always consult a qualified doctor.

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