What are the causes of low libido in women? home remedies to increase

Health Desk- Just like every person needs food, drink and nutritious things, in the same way, having sex according to age is also beneficial for health. It is said that intercourse is a good means of keeping two hearts together. Sexual intercourse works to increase the love between husband and wife, but many women become indifference towards intercourse and they make every effort to distance themselves from intercourse. The reason for this may be due to their age as well as some physical problems.

What are the causes of low libido in women home remedies to increase
What are the causes of low libido in women home remedies to increase

What are the causes of low libido in women?

The reasons for low libido in women can be as follows-

1. Women can also be indifferent to intercourse due to the sourness in mutual relations. The reasons for this can also be due to the partner’s sex problem, lack of emotional satisfaction from him, the birth of a child, etc.

2. Job stress, peer pressure and media image on sexuality can also lead to negativity towards sexual intercourse.

3. Falling in the level of testosterone also leads to reluctance in intercourse in women. Testosterone remains high in any woman at the age of 20 and then gradually decreases with increasing age. This desire remains for a little while till the menopause.

4. The reason for the unwillingness of sexual intercourse in women can be due to medical problems, such as mental illness- depression, stress or pressure, sexual desire starts decreasing gradually. Along with this, in diseases like fibroids and thyroid, the desire for intercourse starts decreasing and also decreases mentally and physically.

5. Pain in the genital organs during intercourse can also cause reluctance to have intercourse. Sometimes swelling, tumor or vaginal dryness in the uterus cause pain. Due to which there is a reluctance in women towards intercourse.

Home remedies to increase libido in women-

1. To increase libido in women, finding out the reasons mentioned above and taking the right remedy can prove to be one of the better ways to promote sexual intercourse, so you should seek medical advice.

2. A compound called allicin is found in garlic which increases blood circulation in the body. It promotes blood circulation in the genitals related to intercourse. Due to which there is an increase in libido. For this, chew two-three garlic cloves and eat dark chocolate after cleaning the mouth properly. It contains a chemical that increases the attraction of women towards men, so women like to eat dark chocolate during physical relationship.

3. Some doctors say that after menopause, due to the deterioration of hormone balance, the desire for intercourse in women decreases and there is a decline in attraction towards men.

4. The lack of orgasm in women even after continuous sexual arousal is called orgasmic disorder. The time taken to reach orgasm is called climax. Some women never reach the climax, while there are some women who are able to reach the climax only by masturbation. In some women, there may be a need to stimulate by stroking the vulva and vagina. By doing this, women reach the climax with their partner.

5. In very few women the level of libido falls very low before menopause. On the other hand the sex drive of the man remains. Men have longer periods of sexual activity than women, those who are more active in sex are more likely to be healthier.

6. Good health in men is related to their sexual activity. Healthy sexual power is not the same in men and women. If a man is completely healthy till the age of 55 years and sexual activity is maintained in him, then sexual activity in his life increases with the age of 5 years.

7. Most of the attention of medical science is devoted to the discovery of drugs to increase the sex drive of men. The discovery of drugs to remove the reluctance of sex in women is also an important topic. It is important to understand that the level of satisfaction in sex, whether female or male, is different for everyone.

8. Natural substances and food have special importance to promote the desire for sex in women, so women should take special care of food.

9. Vitamin B is found in eggs and it removes stress and works to keep hormones in balance. Fertility also increases with its consumption, so consuming eggs regularly is helpful in increasing libido.

10. Mango is a better fruit that gives energy. Its regular consumption in the summer season brings energy. Helps to make up for the lack of intercourse, so that their performance can be up to the climax. Mango is also beneficial for men, so women and men should consume mango regularly.

11. Vitamin B12 is found in abundance in nuts and grains. Vitamin B2 is mainly found in bananas, broccoli and meat. Vitamin B3 is helpful in the generation of sex hormones to increase blood circulation, so women should consume these things regularly. This helps to overcome the decrease in libido.

12. Vitamin E strengthens the circulatory system producing sex hormones. This vitamin is found in abundance in cereals, fruits and green vegetables goes. Therefore, by regularly including fruits and green vegetables in the diet, relief from decreased libido can be found.

13. Viagra pill can also be used to increase sex power in women. But this effect falls on only a few women. It should be consumed 1 hour before intercourse.

14. Using Satavar gives good results to overcome the decrease in libido in women. Safed Musli is a very helpful medicine in increasing the sex drive of women. Therefore, consuming them under the supervision of a doctor can be beneficial.

15. The best way is to get the aphrodisiac element through food. These elements help in balancing the levels of estrone, estrogen and progesterone hormones in women. This hormone is responsible for maintaining libido in women. Regular consumption of these fruits like banana, strawberry, mango helps in increasing the libido in the woman.

16. Regular inclusion of carrots, ginger, garlic and other green leafy vegetables in the diet provides proper nutrients which are helpful in increasing libido.

17. Aphrodisiac properties are found in dry fruits like almonds, peanuts, dates, etc. Its consumption will also be beneficial.

18. Consumption of soybean, celery, egg, butter and mushroom is helpful in increasing libido.

19. The work of omega 3 fatty acids is helpful in awakening desire, it is found more in fishes.

20. The reason for the decrease in libido can also be that their lifestyle and diet are bad. Even by making minor changes in the diet, you will be able to enjoy full sex. The most important thing for a satisfying sex drive is to have ideal blood circulation in the body, so keeping these things healthy for women plays an important role in removing the reluctance towards sex.

21. Problems related to menstruation occur due to low libido in women. Therefore, women should take measures to overcome the problems related to their menstruation.

Note- This article has been written for educational purpose, more information and before any use, please consult a qualified doctor. Thank you.

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