What is Aloe Vera? Know its advantages and disadvantages

Helth desk- Aloe vera plant is known all over the world, it is famous as a medicinal plant. Which has innumerable benefits and everyone must know some or the other of its benefits. Aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice are also made from aloe vera, which also has many benefits. Aloe vera has antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and similar properties. Many other nutrients like vitamin A and folic acid are found in aloe vera. Aloe vera is the only plant that improves digestion as well as increases immunity and benefits in diseases like diabetes.

What is Aloe Vera Know its advantages and disadvantages
What is Aloe Vera Know its advantages and disadvantages

Types of Aloe Vera-
There are many types of aloe vera, some of which are main which are as follows –

1. Aloe barbadensis- This is the most common type of Aloe Vera which is available everywhere. This aloe vera is also known for its medicinal properties.
2. Tiger Aloe- This is the most beautiful species of Aloe vera, people decorate this species in the pots of their homes. Its leaves are sword-shaped and its leaves are speckled.
3. Climbing Aloe- This species of Aloe vera is one of the very rare species. Its leaves also spread to the surrounding tree plants.
4. Aloe Deskingsee – The smallest species of Aloe Vera is Aloe Deskingsee. It grows to just 2 to 3 inches. It has white spots on its dark green leaves. It also bears yellow or orange flowers in spring or during the summer season.

5.Red Aloe- This species of aloe vera grows slowly, this species does not require as much water as other species. When the sun’s rays fall on it, a beautiful red copper color appears. Aloe vera is one of the most attractive species.
Aloe vera can be used in many ways such as-

Aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel are very useful and beneficial, you can make aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice in the following way –

How to make Aloe Vera Gel-
Some are as follows –

First of all, cut a leaf coming out from the aloe vera plant. Aloe vera gel cannot last for long, so cut it only in small quantities.
After cutting the leaf, leave it for some time so that all its resin flows away.
Now peel the leaves but keep in mind that to peel the leaves, peel off only the top layer of its leaves. The leaves should be removed after peeling so that they do not mix with the gel.
Now take out the gel in a vessel with the help of a spoon.
Now this gel is ready for you to use.

How to make Aloe Vera Juice-
The method of making aloe vera juice is as follows –

To make aloe vera juice, first cut the aloe vera leaves.
After cutting the aloe vera, keep it for some time so that the resin of aloe vera which is yellow in color let it out otherwise the bitterness will come in aloe vera juice.
Now separate the upper part of the aloe vera leaves and take out the gel inside.
Now put this gel in the mixer and stir for 2 to 3 minutes, this will convert aloe vera gel into aloe vera juice.
Now take it out in the appropriate amount in a glass, now you can drink it by adding water and salt according to taste.

benefits of aloe vera-
There are many benefits of Aloe Vera which are as follows –

1. You can consume it as a nutritious diet. Because it contains different types of minerals.
2. Drinking a cup of aloe vera juice every morning does not cause any lack of strength and energy in the body throughout the day.
3. It is very beneficial in painful diseases like piles.
4. Aloe vera is a panacea for diabetic patients.
5. It is a beneficial medicine to cure stomach related problems.
6. It provides great relief in joint pain.
7. Skin related diseases like pimples, dryness, sunburned skin, blemishes, dark circles under eyes and cracked heels can be cured by massaging with aloe vera gel.

8. Aloe vera has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Therefore, applying aloe vera gel on burns, cuts or injuries provides relief.
9. Consuming aloe vera juice increases immunity.
10. By applying aloe vera gel all over the body, it also helps in repelling mosquitoes as it has properties like mosquito repellant.
11. Applying aloe vera juice and gel along with henna makes hair silky, shiny and healthy.
12. Constipation in the stomach is diagnosed by drinking aloe vera juice.
13. Mixing rose water and aloe vera juice and applying it on the skin brings back the lost moisture of the skin.
14. By drinking aloe vera juice and applying it on the hair, the hair becomes soft and dandruff also ends.
15. Aloe vera juice is also helpful in reducing weight because aloe vera has anti-obesity properties which helps in reducing the problem of obesity due to diet.
16. Drinking aloe vera juice lowers cholesterol in the body because of the hypocholesteremic presence in aloe vera.

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  • 17. Aloe vera is also helpful in keeping the brain healthy. Apart from this, drinking aloe vera juice also improves memory power.
    18. Aloe vera gel is helpful in reducing inflammation in any part of the body. Simply apply aloe vera gel on the inflamed area and massage it.
    19. Arthritis by drinking aloe vera juice and massaging with aloe vera gel.

20. Consuming aloe vera juice kills the bacteria growing in the mouth. You can use aloe vera juice as a mouth wash.
Disadvantages of Aloe Vera-
If you consume aloe vera in excess, then there is also a loss because it acts as a laxative. But apart from them there are also some disadvantages which are as follows –

1. If you are allergic to aloe vera, then definitely consult a doctor before using aloe vera.
2. If you are not able to drink aloe vera juice or feel discomfort after drinking, then do not consume juice. Apply the gel on the skin area where it is needed.
3. If you have diabetes and you are taking medicines to reduce sugar, then do not use aloe vera at all.
4. If someone has nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain, do not consume aloe vera.
5. If a pregnant woman or a woman who is breastfeeding, she must consult a doctor before using aloe vera.
Note- This article has been written for educational purposes, it is not a substitute for the treatment of any disease. Therefore, before any use, please consult a qualified doctor. Thank you.

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