What is blood pressure? If it has become high or low then how to control it?

Health Desk- In today’s time, the problem of blood pressure is becoming common. It can also be dangerous like cancer, heart disease. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, irregular diet, work stress etc. have become more, due to which about 75% of people are troubled by the problem of blood pressure. In this, some people have the problem of high blood pressure, while some people have the problem of low blood pressure.

What is blood pressure If it has become high or low then how to control it
What is blood pressure If it has become high or low then how to control it

The problem of high blood pressure is seen mostly in men, while the problem of low blood pressure is seen more in women. However, high blood pressure or low blood pressure can happen to anyone, male or female. Today we are going through this article What is Blood Pressure? Know about the causes of high blood pressure and low blood pressure, symptoms and home remedies to control it.

What is blood pressure?

The work of the heart is to pump them and transport blood throughout the body and the job of the heart is to supply oxygen and provide energy throughout the body. When the blood is pumped fast, then the blood runs in our arteries. The power it takes to run is called blood pressure.

There are two types of blood pressure. One is systolic blood pressure and the other is diastolic blood pressure. Systolic blood pressure is the time it takes the heart to pump and diastolic blood pressure is the time it takes between pump to pump.

You must have seen that if you ever fall ill, after going to the doctor, your blood pressure is first checked. If your blood pressure is 120/80 then it is normal. So there is nothing to worry about. If it is more or less than this, then blood pressure is like a silent killer. who hides within himself. Sometimes it can also increase the risk of heart attack.

What is the cause of having high blood pressure?

If a person’s cholesterol label is high, then there is a problem of high blood pressure. Apart from this, due to obesity, genetics, eating more non-vegetarian food, eating more oily food, drinking alcohol, being under more stress, being older, consuming more salt, eating too much fat, psoriasis, pregnancy etc. can.

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is called the silent killer because its symptoms do not appear in the early stages. However, high blood pressure can be identified by observing some changes in the body. Such as severe headache, feeling tired, confusion, trouble seeing, chest pain, trouble breathing, heart beats sometimes, blood in urine, lightheadedness in chest, dizziness Symptoms include redness of the eyes, bleeding from the nose, blood in the urine, etc. Which should not be ignored.

What to do to control high blood pressure?

If you are feeling the symptoms of high blood pressure, then first of all you should seek medical advice and take medicines to control high blood pressure.

Apart from this, you should take a diet rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium.

1. Potassium- People with high blood pressure need potassium. For this, you can consume banana, orange, kiwi, potato, kidney beans, spinach, milk, curd, fish etc.

2. Calcium- To get calcium, milk, curd, cheese, beans, lentils, green leafy vegetables, almonds, salmon fish etc. should be consumed. You can get calcium from this.

3.Magnesium- You can also get high blood pressure due to low magnesium diet. But this does not mean that taking more magnesium will lower your high blood pressure. Generally, if you take a healthy diet, then you can get enough magnesium in it. Magnesium is found in cereals, green leafy vegetables, dried peas, cabbage etc.

4. Garlic- Consuming garlic is beneficial for a person suffering from high blood pressure. Some studies have found that eating garlic reduces high blood pressure. Along with this, garlic is also helpful in controlling some types of cancer and cholesterol.

5. Fish oil- Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish like mackerel and salmon and consuming it can be helpful in reducing high blood pressure.

What is low blood pressure?

Low blood pressure or low blood pressure is also called hypotension. This occurs when the blood pressure becomes significantly lower than normal. This means that there is not enough blood to reach the brain and other parts of the body directly. Ideally blood pressure should be less than 120/80 (systolic/ diastolic). Less than 90 mm Hg for systolic and less than 60 mm Hg for diastolic is considered low blood pressure. Low blood pressure without any symptoms or signs is not unhealthy. That is, it is found naturally in some people.

What are the symptoms of low blood pressure?

Dizziness and fainting are both the main symptoms of low blood pressure. This symptom is the most common. In general, low blood pressure may occur when you suddenly feel extremely weak or have symptoms such as dizziness, but mainly fatigue, depression, nausea, thirst, blurred vision, pale skin, chills The main symptoms of low blood pressure are, half-incomplete and rapid breathing.

What is the reason for having low blood pressure?

Loss of blood, weakness and nutritional deficiency, heart disease, dehydration, pregnancy, high fever or diarrhoea, genetic causes, sepsis, other health problems like if you are suffering from any health problem and are taking medicines continuously for this, even then it can cause low blood pressure.

What to do if you have low blood pressure?

1. Increase the amount of salt in the food-

Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure. But people who have low blood pressure can normalize blood pressure by increasing the amount of salt. But keep in mind that you do this only after consulting a doctor.

2. Drink plenty of water-

Keep your body hydrated and drink plenty of water. This will help in normalizing the blood pressure.

3. Exercise-

Exercise is helpful in normalizing blood flow, meditation will also be better for low blood pressure.

4. Eat almonds-

Almonds contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and essential vitamins. Its consumption provides relief in low blood pressure immediately.

5. Drink tea and coffee-

Tea and coffee can be helpful in controlling low blood pressure as it generates heat in the body immediately.

6. Eat little-

If the blood pressure has decreased, then do not eat full at one go, but instead take nutritious food at short intervals.

7. Drink this drink-

If your blood pressure has decreased, then make a solution of sugar, salt and lemon and drink it. This news will be very helpful in normalizing the blood pressure immediately. If you want, make a solution of electral powder and drink it.

8. Do this work-

If you are lying down or sitting, do not stand up immediately, doing so can cause dizziness. That’s why you should get up slowly. Keep moving hands and feet, do not rest for a long time, drink salt in water, it contains sodium which will be helpful in normalizing blood pressure.

Note- This article is written for educational purpose. The information given in this article is not a substitute for any treatment and before any use, consult a qualified doctor. Thank you.

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