What is Hysteria Disease? Causes, Symptoms and Ayurvedic and Home Remedies

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When a person behaves in a strange, passionate or unusually dramatic manner under the control of his own desire or fear, after having tolerated them in a state of fear due to the destruction of his desire or hope, and instead of acting wisely, then his Extraordinary behavior is called hysteria. In this disease the hands, feet and body become stiff. Throat hurts. The body trembles. During the attack of the disease, the patient starts laughing or crying loudly. Then unconsciousness comes. The seizure goes away after passing urine. This disease is more common especially in women of soft nature.

What is Hysteria Disease? Causes, Symptoms and Ayurvedic and Home Remedies

Age- This disease is more common in young girls and adult women and lasts till the age of 40 years. But sometimes it is seen to happen in childhood and old age also.

What is the cause of hysteria?

Ancestral-traditional instinct is the main reason for this disease.

Any trouble related to marriage, any kind of financial loss or any other problem can become the cause of this disease.

Syphilis disease of parents, their suffering from mumps and being an alcoholic can also cause hysteria disease in their children.

Hysteria is also seen in young women who lead a delicate nature and luxury life.

In a state of peace and luxury from the work of the house, cohabitation is not obtained even if there is a desire for more work in intensity. The thoughts of making physical relations keep coming in the mind all the time, reading stories and novels of love and love, watching pornographic movies and pictures, young girls not getting married for a long time and incomplete sex even after marriage are the reasons for this disease.

Uterine related diseases like stoppage of menstruation, less or no menstruation at all. Hysteria is also caused by disorders like leucorrhoea, swelling in the uterus, cessation of bleeding after delivery, curvature of the uterus, etc.

Hysteria is also caused due to weak health, financial troubles, too much exertion, lack of nutritious food and diseases that bring debilitation.

Hysteria can also be caused due to excitable mental excitement, shock, brain injury, despair, anxiety, death of relative and accident of motor vehicle etc.

Stomach, liver defects, constipation, indigestion, flatulence, gas disease, accumulation of contaminated fluid in the body, etc. can also be caused by hysteria.

Excess of libido in men but not getting time to make physical relationship, masturbation, anal sex, excessive mental exertion, insomnia i.e. not getting enough sleep, etc. are the causes of this disease.

Physical and negative types of mental defects are the main reasons for this.

In the presence of other people, when there is excitement in the mental feelings, the person becomes the reason for creating this disease by falling into the illusion again and again. Showing empathy is helpful in having an attack of hysteria.

Many women have been seen having attacks of hysteria during the menopausal period.

Mental trauma is also the cause of hysteria attacks. For example, due to bad words of a woman, abuse or death of a relative or a loved one, the woman takes these disorders in her mind and thinking again and again hurts her mind, which results in hysteria. Appears in the form of a tour.

When a woman’s desire for intercourse is not fulfilled, then its effect falls on the lust center of the brain, due to which the woman starts having attacks of hysteria.

Hysteria disease arises due to thinking and understanding the same idea over and over again in people with weak mind.

Some doctors believe that hysteria is caused by a defect in the female’s cerebral cortex.

Note- The main causes of hysteria are family history, mental stress and constituents. The direct impact of the mind of weak minded persons by external influence also appears to be one of the main reasons for this disease. If an authentic person mistakenly tells such a person that he has hysteria disease or may have it in future, then this statement has more effect on that person that he starts experiencing hysteria disease inside himself.

Summary- Hysteria is a state of abnormal excitement in the brain. Doctors are of the opinion that some fantasies and thoughts settle in the patient of hysteria. Thinking about them again and again, she keeps nurturing them in her mind. Due to which he starts having a stroke. Hysteria is actually a special type of mental and physical disease which manifests in the form of physical symptoms.

What are the symptoms of hysteria disease?

1. Unconsciousness and convulsions- The presence of unconsciousness is the main symptom of this disease. Apart from this, there are symptoms like tremors, convulsions, cavities etc.

2. Abnormal change in mental state- Most of the patients of hysteria have abnormal change in mental state. Women have different symptoms according to the excess or lack of this change. The fault comes in the will power of the woman, the woman is not able to control herself, she considers her unreasonable thoughts to be justified and wants to get them convinced.

In men, this disease causes inferiority and weakness in mental thoughts. Getting angry over simple things and getting out of control are symptoms.

3. Special way of talking – The patient of hysteria exaggerates her sufferings very much which in reality does not happen to her. She is eager to receive sympathy in her sorrows.

4. Destruction of memory – For a short time the memory (memory) ends.

5. Noun-related symptoms- The patient may have symptoms of half-sightedness or complete loss of vision. Deafness, headache, severe stinging, loss of cognition in one or both hands may be a symptom. Some have symptoms of dumbness and there is a sound in their coughing.

6. Effort related symptoms- Due to erectile dysfunction in the muscles of the throat, the symptom of blockage in the throat is given. This blockage appears to the patient while eating. At the end of the pillar, the symptom of adhaman or antral colic or a symptom of asphyxiation is found. Symptoms of stroke appear when there is obstruction of urination. Hiccups occur when there is an erection in the diaphragm. Similarly, there are symptoms of heart attack, palpitations when there is disturbance in the muscles.

Along with unconsciousness, convulsions also start living in the body. Sometimes the patient exhibits symptoms similar to paralysis by producing constriction in his voluntary muscles. Symptoms of many types of seizures or incomplete are manifested in some patient. In this disease, sometimes the patient laughs and sometimes he starts crying.

attack of hysteria

Before the attack of hysteria, the patient gets the feeling that now I am going to have an attack of disease. That’s why many women are also seen to be careful before being attacked. She wears clothes tightly so that it does not tear.

Before the patient faints, sometimes it feels that something like a sphere is going up from the stomach to the throat. While reading the tour, his fists are tied and his body becomes crooked like a bow. The patient tosses her hands and feet here and there. The sound comes from his breath. Sometimes she laughs and sometimes she starts crying. Sometimes she remains silent and sometimes she gets angry. At the end of the seizure, there is more urination.

The seizure time can range from a few minutes to a few hours or as long as a few days. The time between the two decreases in the intensity of the disease. Even sometimes seizures start happening. But if it is normal, the time between two visits can be several months.

The nature of the patient often becomes irritable. Sometimes she becomes very happy and sometimes she starts crying. Sometimes angry and sometimes scared. She gets happy at little things. If something goes against him and he feels bad, then the attack starts immediately. Rogini wants others to sympathize with her and respect her. His desires and his thoughts change frequently. She describes herself as suffering from diseases which she does not have at all. She narrates her diseases and sufferings very exaggeratedly.

Symptoms found at the time of difference of two rounds-

Heart palpitations, heaviness in the head, headache.

Light tolerance in some women.

Some women have severe tension pain in their breasts, some have abdominal pain and some have back pain. Sometimes there is pain in the neck or leg as well.

Pricking in the skin of any one part of the body, sometimes bad, sometimes numbness or loss of consciousness arises. Sometimes the loss of nouns becomes so great that by pressing or stimulating the place, the seizure starts immediately.

Somebody’s calves seem to be weak and restless.

Many women sometimes feel hot and sometimes cold.

Many women do not even realize the passing of stool and urine between seizures.

Often symptoms of nuisance like constipation, digestive disorders, adhaman etc. are found.

Some women experience nausea, hiccups or cough.

In some, a condition of obstruction arises, while some others, more urine starts coming.

In some or the other, a state of madness arises.

Most of the symptoms of historical paralysis are seen. It starts suddenly under some physical injury or emotion. In his mind, this illusion comes that he has got a disease of paralysis, dysfunction of the limbs. In this illusion, he simply drags his feet.

Often the patient’s voice settles and there is difficulty in speaking.

It is often difficult to swallow anything.

Some people have the problem of deafness.

Symptoms of dumbness arise in some, she is unable to speak even after trying very hard.

It has also been seen in many patients of hysteria who do not see anything when the attack is over, but their vision becomes normal after the seizure is over.

Many women have also been seen who have an enlarged stomach and they suspect that they are pregnant.

Typical symptoms of seizure-

The seizure is very simple in the beginning. But gradually it takes the form of violence and enthusiasm, the woman’s torso and the rest of the limbs become rigid by clamping.

Many times during the attack of hysteria, the whole body of the woman becomes so stretched that in the lying state only the back of her head and the heels of her feet are on the ground, the rest of the body rises high from the ground.

Sometimes the attack subsides and sometimes again the woman starts beating her hands and feet vigorously and then from one side to the other side, the woman gets excited and puts on her or others’ clothes. Tricks the hair of the head. Bites her lips with her teeth or tries to bite off the parts of others. The more family or relatives of the patient try to suppress her, the more excited she gets.

If the woman is left alone in the event of a seizure, then the seizure itself subsides.

At some point of time, a woman gets affected by many kinds of false ideas, sometimes she starts grumbling and becomes a victim of nonsense. After the end of the tour, he is not aware that the face of the woman who has passed on him during the tour gets tarnished.

How to diagnose hysteria disease?

During the seizure, the face of the woman becomes flushed, an object is felt in the throat. A ball starts rising in the stomach. This disease can be easily recognized by these symptoms.

Relative diagnosis- The symptoms of hysteria attacks are very similar to epilepsy and fainting. Therefore, it becomes difficult to diagnose these diseases. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between the symptoms of hysteria and epilepsy.

What is the difference between the symptoms of hysteria and epilepsy?

During the attack of hysteria, there is no complete unconsciousness, she continues to listen to the words of others but she does not respond, while the epileptic patient remains completely unconscious during the seizure, he does not hear anything.

Attacks of hysteria are gradual, which are cured by therapy, whereas epileptic seizures come on suddenly and go away on their own.

The patient of hysteria faints and falls slowly to the ground, while the epileptic patient suddenly falls to the ground and is unable to handle herself.

There is no foam from the mouth when there is an attack of hysteria, whereas there is foam from the mouth when there is an epileptic attack.

In hysteria, the mouth is closed, the tongue is in its place and the teeth are frozen, whereas in epileptic seizures, the mouth is open, the tongue comes out and the teeth do not freeze.

Hysteria disease usually occurs in women while epilepsy also occurs in men.

In the case of hysteria seizures, urine and faeces do not come out, whereas in epileptic seizures, stool and urine are often passed out.

The colour of the face becomes yellow or red when there is an attack of hysteria, while the colour of the face is blue in epileptic seizures.

There is no stretch in the face when there is an attack of hysteria, whereas in an epileptic seizure, the face is pulled to one side.

There is no snoring sound in the stage of hysteria seizures whereas the snoring sound is very loud in epileptic seizures.

In the case of hysteria seizures, sometimes the patient laughs and sometimes cries, whereas such a situation never occurs in the epileptic patient.

In hysteria, the body becomes convulsive, the arms and legs rapidly expand and contract, whereas in epilepsy, the body comes more on one side and less on one side.

In hysteria the eyes remain closed and there is twitching in the eyelids, whereas in epilepsy the eyes remain open on one side and climb up.

In hysteria the pupils constrict, whereas in epilepsy it does not.

In hysteria, there was a horse in the stomach, which left the top and got stuck in the throat and fainted, whereas in epilepsy this does not happen, but the hand ram katha generates a lot of praise from the back and becomes unconscious.

The attack of hysteria never occurs while sleeping whereas the epileptic attack can occur only in the sleeping position.

The attacks of hysteria last longer while in Delhi it does not

After an attack of hysteria, there is more urination, whereas in epilepsy it does not happen.


The disease of hysteria, which happens once, goes very hard.

If this disease occurs as a result of disease of uterus or ovary etc., if proper treatment is taken, there is more hope of its recovery.

If the patient is not married, then by getting married, the disease itself gets cured.

After a few years of marriage, when the woman becomes the mother of one or two children, then this disease decreases.

When the disease arises in a young age, then the disease gradually subsides with the age of old age.

When the disease arises from a defect in the brain, then the chances of getting cured to some extent by mental therapy are more.

Note- When this disease is cured, it is repeated again and again in those who have it.

General therapy of hysteria disease-

Efforts should be made to keep the patient away from the previous environment and keep the patient’s body and mind at peace by proper drug therapy.

At the time of velocity, it should be kept separate from other people, as well as it should be protected from all kinds of disturbances.

A cloth moistened with cold water should be kept on the head and neck.

Try to make the mind and body calm and strong.

Efforts should be made to find out the physical or psychological causes of the disease and should be treated.

Removal of nervous weakness is the only successful treatment of this disease.

Regular normal type of exercise and walk is necessary for the patient.

A sick woman should get full love of her husband, complete satisfaction of her libido is necessary.

Smelling salt or liqueur ammonia fort should be inhaled to bring the patient to consciousness.

The patient should be engaged in some work, it is necessary to change their interest.

Do not show sympathy to the patient during the seizure.

Try to keep the patient worry-free.

It is necessary to keep the stomach of the patient clean, if he has a complaint of constipation, then measures should be taken to remove it.

Ayurvedic remedies to remove hysteria-

1. First of all, after finding out what has caused the disease of hysteria, measures should be taken to remove it.

2. In the state of unconsciousness, cold water should be sprinkled on the face. Should be kept in open air and solitude. Onion should be cut or snuffed with tobacco or kayfaladi powder. Tickle the soles of the feet with a needle etc., so that his unconsciousness is broken.

3. If the patient’s unconsciousness breaks, take Aptantradi Vati or Navjeevan Vati or Kasturi Vati 2-2 Vati with milk in the morning and evening. And consume Amarsundari Vati and Saraswati Vati 2-2 Vati in the morning and evening.

4. Give Ashwagandharishta 20-20 ml mixed with the same amount of water in the morning and evening.

5. Agnitundi Vati, Saraswat Churna, Asafoetida-Karpur Vat, Bramhi Vati or Churna, Muktapishti, Sangairao Pishti, Kumaryasava, Bhargyadi Kwath and Saraswatarishta are also good for hysteria disease, so they should be consumed under the supervision of a doctor.

home remedy for hysteria-

1. Honey-

A patient suffering from hysteria should take one teaspoon of honey thrice a day. This gives relief in a few days.

2. Jatamansi-

Fill half a kg of water in an earthen pot and soak it in the quantity of 3- 3 grams of Jatamansi, Rasna, Peepal tree’s hair, castor root bark, dry ginger, celery, Aluva and keep it overnight. Now boil it in the morning. When 50 grams of water remains, filter it and give it to the patient.

3. Banana stem-

Taking one glass each morning, afternoon and evening after extracting fresh juice of banana stem gives good benefit in hysteria patients. It is considered to be the perfect remedy for hysteria patient.

4. Coriander-

Make a powder by mixing 25 grams coriander and 10 grams sarpagandha. Take 1 to 2 grams of this powder with water at bedtime for the patient of hysteria. This will bring good sleep and get relief from hysteria.

5. Beet-

Mix one spoon of amla juice in a cup of fresh beetroot juice and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Drinking regularly for 1 month will give good benefit in hysteria disease.

6. Asafoetida-

Whenever there is an attack of hysteria, smell asafetida. This will give immediate relief to the patient. Eating half a gram to 1 gram of asafetida regularly will give benefits. Consuming asafoetida mixed with pulses and vegetables is very beneficial in hysteria disease.


Peel a clove of garlic and cook it on low flame by mixing 4 times milk and 4 times water. When the milk is reduced to half, then giving it little by little to the patient gives good benefit.

8. Black Harad-

Make a powder by roasting black myrtle in castor oil. Taking 5 grams of this powder daily is beneficial in hysteria.

What should a hysteria patient eat?

Green vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, khia, luffa, carrot, etc. are given to the patient of hysteria. You should consume things like radish, cow’s milk, coconut water, buttermilk should be drunk. Mixing 10-12 raisins and one spoon of honey in milk is beneficial. It is beneficial to consume gooseberry jam every morning and evening with food., orange seasonal, pomegranate, papaya etc. should be eaten. Wheat flour bread, old rice, porridge, moong dal, lentils should be consumed.

What should a hysteria patient not eat?

Fried-roasted foods, hot chili-spicy food and spicy foods, jaggery, oil, green red chili, sour, pickle, meat, fish, egg, tea, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, khaini, gutkha and other intoxicants Substances should not be consumed.

Note- This article has been written for educational purpose. Before any use, take the advice of a qualified doctor and take the above medicines only under the supervision of a doctor. Thank you.

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