What is thyroid ? Know causes, symptoms and home and ayurvedic remedies

Health Desk- Thyroid comes first in India after heart disease and diabetes. Thyroid is present in our neck which produces thyroid hormone. Due to which many activities of our body are controlled. For example, how fast do you burn calories or how fast is your heart rate. Due to thyroid disease, either too much or too little hormone is produced in our body.

What is thyroid Know causes, symptoms and home and ayurvedic remedies
What is thyroid Know causes, symptoms and home and ayurvedic remedies

Depending on how much or how little hormone your thyroid makes, you may often feel restless or tired, or you may lose or gain weight.

Women are more prone to thyroid disease than men. Especially after pregnancy or after menopause. Today we are going through this article What is Thyroid? What is the cause of thyroid disease? What are the symptoms of thyroid disease? Know in detail about the home and Ayurvedic treatment of thyroid disease.

What is thyroid ?

Thyroid is a butterfly-like gland located in the lower part of the neck, this gland secretes triiodothyronine (T-3) and thyroxine (T-4) hormones, which we also call thyroid hormones. This hormone controls many body activities such as controlling your heart rate and calorie consumption.

What is the function of thyroid hormone in our body ?

Thyroid hormones control each of the cells and organs of our body, their functions are such as-

Contributes to controlling the heart rate – it can slow down the heart rate rapidly.

Calories control the rate of consumption- in this way they are responsible for weight loss or gain.

Thyroid hormones also regulate body temperature – it can raise and lower the temperature.

Regulates the activity of contracting muscles.

What are the causes of thyroid disease ?

There can be many reasons for having diseases related to thyroid, keeping in mind this disease can be prevented in its early stages.

1. Consuming more soy protein, capsules and powder than necessary.

2. Thyroid disease can also occur due to side effects of medicines.

3. Being under excessive stress can also cause thyroid disease.

4. Iodine deficiency or excess iodine in the body also causes thyroid disease.

5. To smoke.

6. Thyroid disease can also be genetic, if someone in your family has or had thyroid disease, then you are also more likely to get this disease.

During pregnancy, there are large-scale hormone changes in the body of women, due to which thyroid hormones can be affected.

8. Certain diseases like Hashimoto’s disease, Graves’ disease, goiter can also be responsible for causing this disease.

There are some other factors that cause thyroid

9. When the pituitary gland starts producing more TSH hormone then the production of thyroid hormone starts increasing.

10. Due to radiation therapy around the neck while treating cancer, the chances of getting thyroid becomes more.

11. Radioactive iodine is used in the treatment of overactive thyroid gland, due to which the cells of the thyroid gland are destroyed and hypothyroidism occurs.

12. Some drugs used in the treatment of cancer, heart and psychiatric problems reduce or stop the production of thyroid hormones, due to which many thyroid problems can arise.

13. All hormones are related to each other, if there is any problem in any hormone then it can negatively affect the thyroid. Low estrogen, insulin, resistance and low testosterone interfere with thyroid function.

How many types of thyroid are there ?

Thyroid is mainly of two types based on the hormones produced by the thyroid gland.

1. Hyperthyroidism.

2. Hypothyroidism.

What are the symptoms of thyroid disease ?

Symptoms of Thyroid- Feeling tired even after not working, even after taking special care of diet, there are many changes in the body like weight gain or loss. But in the beginning we take it lightly, which later turns out to be a sign of serious illness like-

All things like mood, immunity, energy level, digestion, sexual power and metabolism of a person are under the control of thyroid. This is the reason that when your thyroid does not work properly, your health deteriorates and you start seeing many symptoms.

What are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism ?

When thyroid hormones become excessive, then the following symptoms start appearing in our body.

1. The rate of metabolism becomes high, due to which the weight of the person’s body starts decreasing and hunger starts to increase.

2. Irritability in everything.

3. Excessive sweating in the body.

4. To be nervous.

5. Vibration in hands.

6. Hair thinning and loss.

7. Can’t sleep.

8. Frequent complaints of diarrhea.

9. Weakness is felt in the muscles and there is pain.

10. Increased heartbeat.

11. Irregular menstruation in women.

12. Osteoporosis occurs. In osteoporosis the bones become weak and fragile.

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism ?

When thyroid hormones decrease, then the following symptoms appear in our body.

1. Decreased heart beat rate.

2. Always feeling tired

3. Having depression.

4. Getting cold with little change.

5. Decreased metabolic rate due to which weight gain.

6. Nails become thin and break.

7. The body starts sweating less than normal.

8. Dryness and itching in the skin.

9. Stiffness in the muscles and pain in the joints.

10. More than normal hair fall.

11. Being troubled by the problem of constipation.

12. Swelling in the eyes.

13. Always be in confusion about something.

14. Decreased memory power, due to which forgetting something again and again.

15. Lack of thinking power.

16. Irregularity of menstruation in women.

18. Swelling in the face and eyes.

19. High cholesterol level in the blood.

20. Infertility problems can occur in women.

Home remedy for thyroid-

Before any medicine or other treatment you can make food your medicine and cut off all processed junk food sugar (which send you on a hormone al roller coaster ride) and gluten. In addition, glutamine is an important amino acid that reduces cravings for glycemic carbohydrates and helps eliminate sugar cravings. Apart from this, the following measures are being told here to cure thyroid.

1. Must eat sea vegetation twice a week because the amount of iodine is rich in them.

2. Butter is very good for our endocrine system, so include butter in your diet.

3. If you are suffering from thyroid or not, always eat food by sitting comfortably in one place and chewing it well.

4. Yogasanas can stimulate and support our endocrine system. Sarvangasana is especially beneficial for activating the thyroid gland. That’s why you should do this asana regularly.

Ayurvedic remedy for thyroid-

1. Amritadi guggul- Take 960 mg with cold water containing honey.

2. Triushnadi lauh- 240 mg to 480 mg should be taken with honey.

3. Vidangadi lauh- Take one to two tablets with cold water.

4. Widowgni lauh – take 120 mg to 240 mg with honey.

5. Navak Guggul- 480 mg with milk is beneficial.

6. Kaminikul Mandan Ras- Give 1-2 tablets with cow’s milk in the morning and evening and take Ashokarishta after having food. ( For ladies )

7. Mahasugandhit tail- Massage this oil on the body when there is a foul smell in the body.

8. Mix two spoons of honey in a glass of cold water and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. If lemon juice is also mixed in it, then it will be very beneficial.

9. Drinking hot-hot rice of rice also gives good benefit in thyroid.

10. Mixing the powder of asafoetida, black salt, trikatu, jeerak, chavya, chitrak in sattu and taking 1 gram powder with whey is beneficial in thyroid.

11. Make a powder by taking equal quantity of Bhabhi Rang, ginger, Jawakhar, Lauh Bhasma and Amla and keep it safe. Now take 720 mg of it with honey and cold water, it benefits in thyroid.

12. Grind 2 leaves of peepal and mix it in 250 ml milk and 250 ml water and take, it is beneficial in thyroid.

How to avoid getting thyroid disease-

By controlling the causes of thyroid disease, you can avoid thyroid disease.

1. Stress plays a huge role in disturbing the functions of thyroid. According to the doctor, many patients believe that their thyroid problem has started only after the stress in their life. That’s why you should avoid stress.

2. Consuming packaged and processed food increases the chances of getting thyroid disease, so keep distance from it.

3. Reduce the intake of soy products.

4. Do meditation.

5. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause problems with thyroid function because it increases the label of vitamin T3 soluble in fat, so eat things containing vitamin A.

6. Low selenium works to convert T-3 to T4. This selenium protects us from autoimmune thyroid problems.

7. Iodine is helpful in making thyroid hormone, due to its low or high amount, thyroid disease can arise, so take iodine regularly.

Note- This article is written for educational purpose. There is no substitute for any treatment, so before any use, please consult a qualified doctor. Thank you.

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