Why is calcium important during pregnancy? Learn its effect and diet to meet the deficiency

Health desk- It is from the body of a pregnant woman that her unborn child receives nutrition. Like other nutrients, calcium is also essential for both mother and child during pregnancy.

Why is calcium important during pregnancy Learn its effect and diet to meet the deficiency
Why is calcium important during pregnancy Learn its effect and diet to meet the deficiency

Calcium is the main mineral substance in pregnancy. This helps in the development of the baby growing in the womb. According to age, complications can arise in pregnancy due to not having enough calcium in the body or having too much or less calcium.

If you are also pregnant or thinking of conceiving, then know beforehand that how much calcium is needed during pregnancy and why it is important for you and your baby.

Why is calcium important during pregnancy?

Calcium strengthens the developing teeth and bones of the baby growing in the womb and also promotes the development of muscles, heart and nerves. If you do not take enough calcium from your diet during pregnancy, then the calcium already deposited in the body starts getting to the child. In the third trimester of pregnancy, especially the mother and the child need calcium because at this time the development of the baby’s bones is at its peak.

On the other hand, if you do not take enough calcium during pregnancy, then the risk of osteoporosis, a disease related to weak bones, increases significantly. Due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, the bone density of many women also decreases.

How important is calcium in pregnancy?

A pregnant woman needs 1,000 mg of calcium per day. You should take calcium-rich food 4 times a day in your diet every day.

Most prenatal vitamins do not contain enough calcium to meet the daily requirement. But it can be easily accomplished with calcium-rich foods.

Effect of taking less calcium-

Consuming less or more calcium than required during pregnancy can cause problems. High blood pressure in pregnancy, premature delivery, low birth weight, numbness and tingling in the fingers, slow growth of the baby, not getting enough calcium in the baby’s bones, muscles and bones Leg cramps, loss of appetite and in some rare cases bone fractures may also occur.

Disadvantages of consuming more calcium-

It is very rare when you get calcium in excess from food. The amount of calcium in the body increases only after consuming sulpment. Consuming more calcium in pregnancy can cause problems like constipation, stones, problems in absorbing other minerals such as iron and zinc, irregular heartbeat and low calcium in the baby’s body.

Sources of calcium-

Calcium deficiency during pregnancy or the daily calcium requirement of the body can be met through foods. Milk, cheese, curd, broccoli, soybean, beans, almonds, green leafy vegetables, sesame, raisins, tofu etc. contain calcium in abundance.

Note- This article has been written for educational purpose. There is no opinion of any medical alternative. For more details consult a qualified medical practitioner.

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