Why is there itching in the vagina? Know the causes, symptoms and treatment

Health desk- Many times women have found themselves struggling with genital problems. One of them is the problem of itching in the vagina. Sometimes women have so much itching in the vagina that they get upset. However, itching in the vagina is a common problem, behind which there can be many reasons? Some of these reasons may be simple and some may be very serious. However, in both the cases it is necessary to find out its cause and get it treated. Because, the problem of itching in the vagina is uncomfortable, which can sometimes become painful. In this article, we will talk in detail about the problem of itching in the vagina. Know here what causes itching in the vagina? Along with this, what are the remedies for itching in the vagina. We will talk about all these topics in detail. Let us first know what causes itching in the vagina?

What are the causes of vaginal itching?

Vaginal itching or vaginal infection can often be caused by exposure to irritating substances, being vulnerable to infection or menopause? What are the symptoms of vaginal itching and swelling due to these conditions? Vaginal itching can also be caused by vaginal infections, for which yeast infections, bacterial infections or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be responsible? Here are some possible reasons for itching in the vagina and around its skin.

Why is there itching in the vagina Know the causes, symptoms and treatment
Why is there itching in the vagina Know the causes, symptoms and treatment

Vaginal itching effect of chemical-

This is a condition where the vagina is exposed to chemicals that cause irritation, which can lead to vaginal itching. These can cause some kind of allergy in the vagina, which can spread to the vagina as well as other parts of the body. If you use any such substance then there may be a problem of vaginal infection. There can be many reasons behind this like-

1 .Cleaning the vagina with soap can increase its risks.
2 .Spraying on the vagina also causes these problems.
3 .This problem can also be caused by using sex toys.
4 .Consuming contraceptive drugs can also cause such a problem.
5 .Applying cream on the vagina can also increase the risk of vaginal infections.
6 .Wearing terrycoat or non-sweating clothes can also cause such a problem.
7 .Using dirty toilet paper can also cause such a problem.
8 .Having diabetes can also cause such a problem.

Why is there itching in the vagina Know the causes, symptoms and treatment
Why is there itching in the vagina Know the causes, symptoms and treatment

What is the treatment for vaginal itching?

The vagina cleans itself naturally. Therefore, always clean the vagina with lukewarm clean water only. Do not use any kind of soap or cream for this.
Know the treatment of vaginal itching according to the reasons-

1 .Vaginal itching due to change in hormone level-

With increasing age, health and hormone levels in the body also change, due to which estrogen levels can decrease. Breastfeeding can also reduce estrogen levels, which can thin the lining of the vagina and cause vaginal itching.


Hormone levels may automatically improve after you stop breastfeeding. However, if the problem persists even after this, contact your doctor.

2 .Vaginal itching due to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)-

Sexually transmitted diseases are caused by unprotected sex, which can cause itching in the vagina. It can be of many types like-

  • Chlamydia.
  • Wart or rash in the private part.
  • Gonorrhoea.
  • Genital herpes.
  • Trichomoniasis.


Antibiotics, antivirals and antiparasitics can be used to treat sexually transmitted diseases. Sex has to be avoided during its use.

3 .Vaginal itching due to bacterial vaginosis-

Bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection in women, which can cause vaginal itching. It is more common in women of the age in which there is a possibility of becoming a mother. This problem is also more common in women who have sex with new partners. Similarly, it is less likely to occur in women who have never had sex. Bacterial vaginosis also increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Symptoms include whitish-thin discharge, burning when passing urine, severe itching around the vagina.


To treat this, the doctor may prescribe you the use of antibiotics, which can be in the form of oral medicines, gels and creams.

4 .Vaginal itching due to yeast infection-

A fungal infection in the vagina is called a yeast infection. Due to which there may be severe itching, irritation, discharge etc. in the vagina. Most of the women have to face this. It is not a sexually transmitted disease, but still this problem is usually seen after having sex for the first time. In addition, it has also been observed in oral sex after vaginal and mouth contact. If we talk about the reasons that increase the risk of yeast infection, then it can be antibiotic use, high levels of estrogen, uncontrolled diabetes, weak immune system etc.


Antifungal medications should be used to treat yeast infections in the vagina. These come in the form of creams and pills.

Keep these things in mind-

  • Do not use concentrated soap, lotion or take bubble bath.
  • Do not use vaginal sprays and douches.
  • Change your wet clothes immediately after swimming and exercising.
  • Always wear cotton underwear and change them daily.
  • Use yogurt to avoid yeast infection.

Apart from these remedies, some home remedies can also be adopted like, boil neem leaves in water. Then clean the vagina with that water. Or mix camphor in coconut oil and apply that oil around the vagina. But, keep in mind that in case of any serious problem, contact your doctor.

Why is there itching in the vagina Know the causes, symptoms and treatment
Why is there itching in the vagina Know the causes, symptoms and treatment

Vaginal itching due to 5 skin conditions-

Common skin conditions that can cause itching around the vagina include:

1 .Psoriasis.

2 .Seborrheic dermatitis.

3 .Allergic contact dermatitis.

4 .folliculitis.

5 .Dermographism and skin writing.

Itching around the vulva indicates lichen planus. If anyone has questions about his skin condition, then he can consult a doctor.

Vaginal itching can also occur due to other reasons-

Healthcare professionals can associate the problem of itching in the private part with neuropathy and vulvar cancer. The problem of itching occurs due to neuropathy and nerve damage. Symptoms of vulvar cancer also include symptoms like itching, burning and bleeding in the private part. This type of cancer is very rare. According to The American Cancer Society, vaginal itching does not cause symptoms of vaginal cancer.

If you have the same problem then take expert’s advice-

If you are troubled by this problem for a long time, then you should consult an expert. If ignored, the disease can progress. Which can have fatal consequences for you. It would be better to get treatment in time.

Vagina Hygiene Tips-

Itching in the vagina can also be due to not taking care of cleanliness and this condition can also lead to infection later. Which is very painful. But, by taking care of it in the early time, the danger can be avoided. For this, you can take help of some important vaginal hygiene tips. Come, let us know about them so that the problem of itching in the vagina can be avoided.

  • Whenever you clean the vagina, use lukewarm water. After this, clean the water lightly with a dry cloth.
  • The vagina also cleans itself naturally and there is a vaginal discharge. In such a situation, without the advice of the doctor, do not use any product for vaginal. Because this can disturb the natural balance of the organism.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes.
  • While choosing underwear, keep in mind that it should be made of cotton. Because using underwear made of nylon or other material increases the risk of itching.
  • Dry the underwear thoroughly after washing and do not use too much detergent in washing it. Instead use normal soap.
  • Wash new underwear once before wearing.
  • Use soft toilet tissue paper.
  • Do not use deodorant tampons during periods or use tampons for a long time.
  • Do not scratch the nails in or around the vagina.


While the problem of vulvar and vaginal itching is quite common, it can happen due to many reasons. The cause of itching in the private part of women can be clothes, products used during menstruation, fragrances. By avoiding these factors of itching, you can avoid the problem of itching. In other cases, fungal and bacterial infections can also cause this problem. This is especially the case when itching occurs inside the vagina. Some skin conditions can also cause itching. There can be problems due to genitals, psoriasis, folliculitis and seborrheic dermatitis. In such a situation, after diagnosing your disease, the healthcare professional can recommend the right treatment for it. In most cases the disease is curable.

Hope you have got the answers to the important questions related to the problem of itching in the vagina in this article. In this article, we have tried to tell you in detail about this problem from its cause to its treatment. We hope that you liked this article of ours and you will be able to take advantage of the information given in this article and you will get the understanding to treat it if there is a problem. Do share this article as much as possible. So that people can understand this problem and know its cause and get it treated.

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