What can be the Reasons For Hair Loss in Women and Men?

Health Desk- Whether it is hair fall, baldness or thinning of hair can be due to many reasons. Sometimes hair loss is also a side effect of a health problem. If you are struggling with thinning hair or baldness, want to know about the cause of hair loss or baldness, then we are going to answer all the questions related to it through this article.

What could be the reasons for hair loss?

What can be the Reasons For Hair Loss in Women and Men
What can be the Reasons For Hair Loss in Women and Men

According to the doctor, the causes of hair loss in both men and women are different. It is mostly genetic in men. Baldness in men is also known as male pattern baldness. In most cases, it is genetic from the side of father, grandfather, maternal uncle or maternal grandfather and their hair starts falling. As they cross the age of 20 years. Sometimes it is delayed and baldness starts at the age of 30 to 35 years. Some people get this baldness very late and like at the age of 40 or 45 years. Baldness affects men in three areas. This includes front, mid and back. Overall, the biggest reason for baldness in men is genetic.

What are the causes of hair loss in women?

What can be the Reasons For Hair Loss in Women and Men
What can be the Reasons For Hair Loss in Women and Men

Doctors say that the most common reason for hair loss in women is nutritional deficiency. It contains protein, calcium and many nutrients. Along with this, stress, anxiety, emotional stress, tying the hair tightly also damages the roots among other reasons. Because of that also hair fall, hair fall also starts due to use of a lot of chemical and heating equipments in the hair. Along with this, instead of complete baldness, the problem of hair thinning is seen more in women. There is no complete baldness in women, rather the hair starts getting lighter very fast.

What is an insect in the hair ? In which the hair is removed from one place.

Doctors say that this condition is called Alopecia Areata. This is a common problem. Actually it is not an infection or worm in the hair. Actually, our ability to fight against diseases or our immune system starts destroying our own hair follicles. In this condition, the antibodies produced in our body, instead of protecting us, start destroying the hair scalp itself. This creates a circular patch on the scalp. This problem can also be treated very easily.

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