Why does back pain happen? How to treat?

Health Desk- Back pain is a common problem that can happen to anyone. This is a commonly occurring problem in women and men.

Why does back pain happen?

Why does back pain happen How to treat
Why does back pain happen How to treat

There are many such physical problems in the human race which are commonly found. As we talk about back pain, along with the elderly, it is also being complained about in the youth. It is a condition that can hinder a person’s routine work. In many people, this problem gets cured by itself. But you should know that back pain can become a major physical problem. If you want to know about the things related to back pain, then definitely read the various information given below.

Causes of back pain?

Why does back pain happen How to treat
Why does back pain happen How to treat

If a person feels a stretch in the upper, lower or middle part of his back or his muscles spasm or the ligaments come under stress, then remember that these things are going to promote back pain. Back pain can also arise due to defect in the structure of our spinal cord, which is a very important support of the body. If there is excessive pressure on the spinal cord, then it becomes more likely to cause pain.

A person should always pay attention to his health. People should be aware of which things can benefit their body and which things can harm them. As if we talk about back pain, then there are many reasons for this which people are doing generally in today’s era.

such as-

1. In this modern era, many people are continuously sitting in front of the computer.

2. Many people work standing continuously.

3. Many people run continuously.

4. Weigh more than our capacity or lift heavy weights in the wrong way.

Keep in mind, all these things can cause back pain. That’s why it is important to be careful.

Few more things:

If a person has weakness in his body or if he walks and sits with his body bent, then also he may have to face back problems. Apart from these things, Arthritis is such a condition that people may complain of back pain. Keep in mind that arthritis can be harmful for your body. Therefore, if you feel something unusual in your body, then definitely consult a specialist doctor and also get treatment if needed.

What are the symptoms of back pain?

Various symptoms can appear during back pain. Such as swelling on the waist, loss of body weight, increase in body temperature, pain reaching the feet. Apart from this, a person feels continuous pain when there is no benefit. Even lying down or taking rest does not help.

Some more include the signs of back pain. Pain going down to the knees, some problems related to stool and urine, etc.

Back pain treatment-

Many times this type of pain occurs temporarily in people and it gets cured on its own in some time. Some medicines or hot and ice compress can also relieve the problem of back pain. In spite of this, if the patient does not get relief, then on the basis of pain, doctors give more effective medicines or injections.

Surgery is also required in some patients. If the patient does not get relief in pain despite various types of treatment. So in that time surgery can be beneficial in relieving the pain.

These things also remain beneficial-

There are some such things in our nature, by the consumption of which we can get very valuable benefits.

such as-

1. Ginger-

It has anti-inflammatory properties and is also used as a pain reliever.

2. Turmeric-

It is such a natural medicine that proves beneficial in many diseases. If you want, you can consume turmeric milk during back pain. This will be helpful in reducing the pain.

3. Garlic-

Like ginger, consuming it can also give you great benefits. Applying garlic oil on the painful area provides relief in pain. If you want, you can chew two buds of it on an empty stomach to get relief from back pain.

4. Calcium-rich diet-

Lack of calcium in the body can also promote back pain, so you should try to make sure that your diet is correct and that there is sufficient amount of calcium in your body. So that your bones remain strong. Include milk, cheese, dairy products, green vegetables etc. in your regular diet.

Keep these things in mind-

1. As the position of sitting on the chair in front of the computer should be correct. Similarly, you should keep in mind that your body should be in the right position while sleeping. The wrong way of sleeping can also become the cause of back pain and yes, it should be noted here that the mattress on which you sleep should not be too soft and spongy, otherwise it can cause back pain. Use only a comfortable bed for sleeping.

2. Exercise is very beneficial for health. If you make a habit of exercising daily, then it gives many benefits to your body. But remember, if you exercise excessively or do not exercise at all, then in both these cases you may feel pain in your back.

3. It is very important to take care of your mind along with your body and this thing also matches with back pain. This is because if a person takes excessive stress then he may have back pain. As taking stress affects your brain, similarly it affects the nervous system and due to this pain can arise in the spinal area.

4. Remember that smoking can also cause problems in the spine. And because of this man complains of back pain. That’s why it is better for your health not to smoke.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can stay safe from the problem of back pain, and even if a person feels pain and does not get benefit from possible remedies, then you should not delay in taking doctor’s advice.

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