Why is it important to walk everyday? know the benefits

Health Desk- In earlier times, humans used to walk a lot every day, and were very healthy, that’s why no disease could easily catch them. He used to feel full of energy and liveliness in himself.. Physically he used to be very healthy just by walking. Walking is such a medicine, which works to keep away from many diseases and at the same time, along with making yourself feel better, does not allow fat and obesity to climb on the body.

14 researchers at Sweden’s University of Kalmar have proved in a study how many benefits of walking are there and also told how many steps a person of which age should walk daily.

Why is it important to walk everyday know the benefits
Why is it important to walk everyday know the benefits

If we walk so many steps daily according to age, then not only weight can be controlled but also many lifestyle related diseases can be brought under control. For example, weight gain and along with it diseases like heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure are arising more due to the new lifestyle. There are many benefits of walking.

According to age, we also have to make changes in our walking. If we need more steps in youth, then it should be reduced as we grow older.

How much walking should be done?

On the basis of this research, here we can tell you that irrespective of the age, walking should be made a habit. It is very beneficial. For example, children of 06 years to 17 years should walk a lot and play and jump. Must run He must take 15,000 steps in a day. It would be good if girls walk 12,000 steps.

Why is it important to walk when we grow old?

The body’s metabolism changes after becoming an adult. Energy starts decreasing a bit. Fatigue and lifestyle diseases start making us victims from this period. Even in such a situation, walking is beneficial. Men aged 18-40 should walk 12,000 steps. If they want, walk in the park every morning and evening or make it a habit to go around on foot.

Walking even more important for women-

Why is it important to walk everyday know the benefits
Why is it important to walk everyday know the benefits

Women of 40-45 years of age also usually start complaining that their weight is increasing rapidly as well as there are many changes in the body. They too must practice 11,000 steps a day to stay healthy and keep their weight under control. Keep this in mind that walking does not mean walking with laziness, but with enthusiasm and increasing the feet rapidly.

Why is it generally better to walk fast?

Men above 50 years feel more loose in the form of energy. In such a situation, apart from being happy, if he walks 11,000 steps daily, then it is like a complete tonic for him. Women aged 50-60 would be better off walking 10,000 steps a day. It is not that people above 60 years should stop walking. Rather it is right that in this age, daily walk gives you more freshness and energy. A positive feeling about living too. If you are getting above 60 then definitely walk 8,000 steps.

Walk for at least how long?

It is believed that you must walk for 30-40 minutes daily. Doctors also now give this instruction that why walking for such a long time every day protects you from lifestyle diseases. We tell you how walking can save you from many diseases.

1. Brain will feel the change-

You will also see the effect of walking on the mind. According to the study, walking increases endorphins (hormones present in the brain and nervous system) and decreases stress levels. This improves the health of the brain. Humans are less prone to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

2. The heart becomes strong-

According to the American Heart Association, walking like running is also good for the heart. It increases circulation in the heart, lowers cholesterol and stabilizes blood pressure.

3. Benefits to the lungs-

Lungs are strengthened by walking because it causes more flow of oxygen in the body. This not only makes the lungs healthy but also prevents diseases. Age may be less or more, but definitely make a habit of walking, it controls many diseases.

4. Benefits in pancreatic-

Research has revealed that the amount of glucose in the body of people who walk regularly is 6 times more than those who run. This also reduces the risk of diabetes. Even if you have become a victim of diabetes, you can control your disease with this.

5. Fit body-

Daily walking reduces excess body fat. The muscles of the body remain fit by walking. Muscles remain tight. Walking is easier than sweating it out in the gym.

6. Joints and bones strong-

Your bones and joints are also strengthened by a 30-40 minute walk. Stronger joints, less risk of injuries. According to the Arthritis Foundation, walking is very beneficial.

7. Relief from back pain-

With increasing age, excessive exercise sometimes becomes harmful for the waist. But walking proves very beneficial in back pain and flexibility. This not only gives strength and stamina to the body but also increases flexibility.

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